Live Performances

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    Live Performances


    You can do ANY trick you want.
    You just need to pick people to watch you trick:
    • Street
    • Friends
    • Parents
    • Single Person

    Time to do the video: More than 5 Days (we need to set the time)


    1. You must perform it for someone.
    2. Any kind of editing.
    3. Any kind of music.
    4. Any kind of magic.
    5. Factors to vote, smothness on the trick, and reactions.
    6. You can perform as many tricks as you want.
    7. No time limit exist, just dont make big borring videos.

    If you want to chalange me just copy the rulles and put 5days.
    I was operated to my foot some days ago (I ll show you in the clip, grosse) so street magic will be impossible...
    I ll try to go to a friend house and perform it for all his family, or his sister.
    By the way, I'm portuguese I will need to put some subs for you...

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