Local Magic Shops

Sep 2, 2007
Houston, TX
I'm just curious, but what kind of magic shops do you guys have around you? I have 2 (could say 3) but I don't like any of them. They are all magic shops/costume shops/joke shops/fun shop etc.

Shop #1, well, isn't much of a shop anymore - they no longer have a magician to demo magic, and no more room for magic, so they barely carry anything more than some TT's and some flash paper

Shop #2 is huge - but 90% of it is costumes. There is a small section of magic stuff and only on certain days do they have a magician demoing tricks. Sometimes they have lectures as well. The reason I don't like this place is because they are flat out rude. I was in there a week before Halloween and the manager told a customer she could try on a certain costume. Then, she yelled at the customer for trying it on because apparently she wasn't supposed to - the manager had messed up. The lady tried to tell the manager that she was given permission to try it on and the manager got in her face and said "Lady you are wrong. Do NOT talk to me like that or I will throw you out of here. This conversation is over!" and then she walked off.

Shop #3 is pretty neat, but they don't have hardly anything. Everything they have is little stuff like change bags, plastic cups and balls, nickles to dimes, just little cheap tricks I guess you could say. And the guy that demo's the stuff isn't very knowledgeable. We ended up talking and I showed him the Biddle Trick. He had NEVER seen it and was FLOORED. Also, I would ask him what coin magic they had, and he would show me something with cards? He kept on doing this and I'm not sure why?

Anyways, those are the magic shops near me! I'm curious about what is around everyone else! Hopefully some of you are more fortunate than I!
Jun 22, 2010
I live about three minutes away from one. It's called three generations of magic. I really like it because it has all the dvd's from theory11, dananddave.com, some penguin magic and he has a few books. They have some old vhs tapes from older magicians like Lennart Green, Darwin Ortiz, and people from back then. It also has some gags like fake poop and whoopie cushions. James Kellogg is the owner and he is there all the time so he demos the tricks and gives his opinion on things.

I really like it and I think I am very fortunate to have close to where I live.
I'm with you on this one R.K. there is only one (used to be two) magic shops here where I'm at. The first shop is in the local shopping mall, while they do have only magicians (knowledgeable ones) working there. As a beginner, they have a lot to learn but all the local magicians around here, including the ones employed with the shop all agree that once you are past a beginers level there is not much to look at. The owner made it more into, for lack of a better word, a "tourist" magic shop. A LOT of self working tricks, A LOT of gimmicked decks very low quality cups and balls, I can count on one hand how many theory11 or Ellusionist products they have. The only reason why I occasionally do go back is only to talk and enjoy the company of other magicians. Oh and before I forget, the 2nd shop was only a very VERY small booth posted up in a local flea market, I'm sure that description can speak for itself
Nov 15, 2007
Raleigh, NC
There is one in Raleigh, 15 or so minutes from where I live, and the owner is a former professional performer who is great with coins and cards. He's very knowledgeable and even though half his store is costume/clown supplies there are 2 bookshelves of books and tons of dvds. He's pretty good about answering questions and demoing the effects that he finds to be workers.

I feel lucky because it's a great shop, but I never get chances to go and hang out (yay work!).
Mar 28, 2010
I live about 30 min away from the Denny and Lee magic studio (Baltimore). I absolutely love it. Denny is extremely knowledgeable and a really great person. It took me about 2 years to actually find a shop near me and I must say when I found that shop, my view on magic totally changed!
Aug 17, 2010
I live 15 minutes away from Browser's Den, Toronto's oldest magic shop, and it's great. Good selection, great staff.

A good shop is invaluable.
There are two shops about thirty minutes away from where I live. One of them is more of a costume shop with a small magic section. The other one is a shop hidden in a smaller town. The guys there are really nice and more than willing to talk about moves, unless there are laymen about in which case they do a little show.
Jun 26, 2010
I live in the suburbs of Chicago, so I live about an hour away from Midwest Magic. Best magic shop I've been to. Really great people who will answer questions, give advice, and the owner is really cool. I haven't been there in a while since I'm in college right now, but it's a great shop. Magic Inc. is also really cool too. Midwest Magic has some stuff other than magic, but the vast majority of the shop is for magic. They literally have thousands of different things there, and it's just fricken' awesome. If you are ever in Chicago, GO THERE! Seriously. It will be more than worth your while. I've also heard of a place called Ash's Magic Shop, but I've yet to go there. But Seriously. If you go to Chicago, you must go to Midwest Magic!
Jun 6, 2010
Nashville, TN
Hey, be glad that you have magic shops around you. I don't have any (that I'm aware of). But I do go to IBM meeting every month so I do have some magicians that I can talk to. But if I need any books or anything, I need to order them. If anyone knows of any magic shops in the Nashville area, please let me know. (That's your cue Jok3r) :)
There's only one in all of Vancouver, but, it's pretty good! There is one guy and he is always really helpful, he'll tell you the reality of the difficulty of the effect, won't lie and just try to get you to spend money. It's filled with DVDS like jeff mcbrides productions trilogy, and new stuff like thread. The manager on the other-hand doesn't really know what any of the products are, and is kinda rude. They also sell decks, even elephants, and then they also have some joke gimmick tricks.
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