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  1. As a fairly new entrant to the world of card magic, I've been practising like mad - I've been told it's the only way forward!

    However, some of the decks I've been using are getting a little old, slack, bent, chipped, loose and slippery.

    On average, how long should a decent deck last?
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  2. I read in Erdnase The Expert at the Card Table that 3 hours and then the decks are no longer good for manipulation purposes. However, that book was written in 1902 cards have come a long way..... The top dogs and by that I mean guys like Richard Turner, Steve Forte, Jason England have a 3-4 deck a day habit... I can make a brick(12 decks) last around 6 months but then again I'm not Richard Turner. Been doing it for around 5 years now , and I realize that the less crimping, bending and springing you do the longer the decks will take you. Hope this helps.
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  3. Thanks Gabriel. Essentially, if I don't riffle and I keep my classic pass to a minimum I should be better off. I'm buying so many beautiful decks (in singles, tho) that I get upset using them.

    I'm guessing something like a brick of Bicycles would be a better idea for training purposes before moving on to the elaborate decks and fancy tricks. I have so many issues aside from this, I figured if I could rule out the cards, I'd know for sure that it was me
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  4. I'd say a standard brick of Bikes can last you probably 6 months to a year if your careful. Wash and dry your hands with soap and water before practicing, practice on a clean surface such as a felt practice mat/performance pad, and keep your decks in their case in a dry area when not in use, and you could probably push it well over a year depending on how often you practice. And don't throw away those beat up cards either, they come in great use for practicing routines and cuts and stuff like that (also for making gimmicks and whenever you need to destroy a card or get a dupe here and there).
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  5. If longevity is a concern copags last a lot longer than bikes. I usually burn through on cartamundi b9 deck a week when practicing intensely whereas a pack of bikes lasts maybe 3 days.
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  6. Personally I don't like to wash my hands before using my deck, unless my hands are really dirty. I find the oils on my fingers gets removed and make it harder to properly handle the deck, especially when using my pinky finger. YMMV.

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