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  1. I just want to know if anyone owns both Looch's DVD and his book SAD, and if the effects are different in the book than in the DVD? I am really considering purchasing the book S.A.D. as long as I know I am not getting the same stuff in the DVD.
  2. They are not 100% the same. S.A.D was made before the dvd and Looch has made alot of modifications to some of the effects. I have both and im very very pleased with them both. Very good stuff, and if your into close-up mentalism this is a good place to start.

    //I just took a look at the tricks on the DVD and some of them are in the book but as i said they are most likley modified a bit. But i think that Intuitie Aii and Nod To Pocke****ch are the same in both. The other stuff should be modified and mixed and so on.

    Very easy, very direct Mentalism.

  3. The DVD was reviewed in a recent issue of MAGIC magazine.

  4. Hey thanks a lot. What about the effect Influence?
  5. As far as I'm aware Looch hasn't put out influence - You can see a clip of him performing it on youtube though.

  6. That is correct influence has not been released, but anyone who has seen it will probably be excited if it is released.

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