Look what appeared at my door today!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DesertStorm, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Ok guys. The most amazing thing showed up today at my door. It's an item that is worth it's weight in gold. It is...the awesome new Monarch decks! My brick arrived and they...are...AMAZING!! Few downfalls here and there but they are great cards. Heres a picture I took just for the fun of it.


    Sorry if the image is extremely huge. I didnt plan it out that way.
    Also guys be on the lookout for a review on this deck very soon.

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    Good for you.

    Just to make my point clearer, it is good you are happy with your buy and you can express that by writing in the reviews under the page where you can order said cards. But lets be honest, if all of us were to take pictures and post them up every time we got something then the forums would be covered in topics "Oh look what i got". I'm happy for you, you seem like a nice little kid so my advice is that do not ruin that by showing off your items. Some things are best kept to your magic circle of friends and family then on some "random" forum to a bunch of strangers. Some will feel happy for you some will feel jealous and start ripping on you.

  3. DesertStorm, awesome! Glad you like them! It's hard to capture that gold metallic foil on camera, but in person, it's really breathtaking. We've been hard at work on these decks since February, so it's an amazing feeling to finally share them with the world and get them into your hands. Enjoy!
  4. I agree with your thought however at the same time i'm not the type of person who posts every new thing I purchase. Now I am going to post a review but for now I just wanted to show that the Monarch decks should start arriving to people very soon if not already. And I don't appreciate the "little kid" comment you made. I am 18 and a senior in High School. I don't like to keep things from this community because they aren't strangers in a way. We all have the same interests in magic and cardistry. But anyways thanks for your comment as I agree with most of it and be on the lookout for my review of this deck.
  5. I do not agree that they are worth their weight in gold, therefore your post is invalid.

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