Looking for a mentor.

Jun 13, 2013
I'm a 17 year old boy from southwestern Ohio, I have been into magic for around 7 years. I have never worked professionally. I have however worked on my skill and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. I feel I have reached a level where I want to begin working to help build up some money for college. I feel the only way to learn what I need to know about this trade is to find a mentor. If anybody has any advice or is looking for an apprentice please respond. Anything is helpful.
Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
Hey Mike,
My advice is that you don't need a mentor. You've got seven years of magic under your belt. You've learned a lot. I think you need to go out and find gigs to perform at. Take a chance and roll the dice!


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Jul 25, 2015
Have you looked into where the closest meeting is for IBM or SAM? Whether it's a mentor or just other people to talk magic with, this is one place where you will find other people after the same thing. Also check out one of the regional magic conventions.
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