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  1. Hi everyone !

    First of all, I'm new. So, I'm a French magician for 3 years now. I followed this forum without posting for a few month, but today, I need your help. So I hope you've an answer ;)

    I'm looking for a control, on the bottom (or on the top) of the deck, of a few cards (3-4) whom are inserted (in different places) in the deck, and this, WITHOUT any cut or any shuffle. We have the orbit control or the clipshift for one card to the top of the deck, or the mechanic shift for one card to the bottom of the deck, but this is for ONLY one card...

    I already know the svengali control by Chad Nelson, but this isn't look clean from my point of view.

    So if you know any books or DVD with this specific control, I'll be glad to hear it ! :)

    Ps: I hope my description was clear even with my english... =)
  2. For example: -4 aces are lost in the deck. And with no shuffle or any cut, I could give me an awesome hand's poker (With bottom deal).

    I really like to find a move completely clean and invisible, with no surplus. (Just like the orbit control)

    Cherry control looks fine for a top's control, thanks !
  3. Use Vernon's Multiple Shift. Any number of cards controlled to the bottom, from there you can bottom deal your way into a great poker hand.
  4. Where is this taught?
  5. Do NOT use vernon's mutiple shift, you are cutting the cards, and to be honest, it completely obvious subconsciously. Try Robert Veeser's bluff shift found in by forces unseen and Rev. Card Technique.
  6. Card Control by Arthur Buckley. You can find also find an alternative method by Buckley in this book.

    But with Vernon's Multiple Shift you need to cut the cards...

    Do I need to cut or shuffle cards with this move ?
  7. Probably the easiest multiple control I know is the BS Control by Lee Asher. It used to be a T11 on demand, I guess you could email Lee and ask him, but it is a great control.

    There is a swing cut multiple shift in card college. Hard as hell to understand, but from what I can tell, it is pretty nice.

    Ricky Jay uses multiple convincing controls so that every selection is on the bottom. He did this with like 9 cards in his special.
  8. I'd go for the multiple diagonal palm shift from Erdnase. Quite difficult, but fits the bill perfectly. Cards are pushed into different locations and as, they're apparently squared in, they're controlled to the bottom, or even to the top with a bit of adaptation.
  9. i would still use the orbit control, if you learn something like the theron shift in irving quant's Quantum Mechanics from dananddave you can still use the orbit control. Or, just use something like the 4for4 switch by Chriss Kenner
  10. I personally use the cull to the bottom and Ben Earl's Stream Line Control.
  11. It's a fantastic thing that only one person mentioned about the multiple culling as a control to the bottom of the deck. It's the way to go!
  12. Aaron Fishers All together (now?) control. He says that he doesn't use it much, and it is angle sensitive, but it works well. Its taught in his book, The Paper Engine.
  13. I'd recommend the Vernon or Elias multiple shifts. Vernon multiple shift is cheaply available in Card Control by Arthur Buckley. The Elias multiple shift is taught in Larry Jennings' Classic Magic of Larry Jennings, as well as John Bannon's Dear Mr. Fantasy.
  14. using road runner cull is really good
  15. What's wrong with shuffling/cutting during a control?
  16. well he wanted a control that had seemingly no action. Every cull i know needs some kind of action. Erdnase is an overhand shuffle and hofinzer/roadrunner needs a spread. He also mentioned loving using the orbit so imma recommend it be used as a multiple control again
  17. no, no cutting involved in Veeser's bluff shift. Super convincing, too.
  18. Thanks people !
    The Bs control by Aaron Fisher seems weird... You couldn't do it surrounded isn't it ?
    I guess the multiple diagonal palm shift from Erdnase with a little adaptation will be perfect.
    I don't know what the Veeser's bluff shift looks like, but I'll try to find it.
  19. Is this the one Chris Kenner uses for his four ace ACR in this video at 3:56? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM6zuzlaUVA

    I heard it's in Wisdom of Solomon, but I don't own the book so I can't check and it's not listed on Denis Behr's archive.

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