Looking for dutch cardists/magicians

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Do you have someone you share your passion with? (Magic/cardistry)

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  1. Hi,
    I'm from the netherlands. I started magic about 2 years ago, but I didn't really do it a lot. I grabbed my cards, did a spring and a bad double lift, and threw my cards back into the corner. But at the start of 2017, I started taking it more serious. I saw This was something i loved doing. I also got into cardistry and lost my money on a lot of decks.. problems of a cardist/Magician..
    Anyway, the only real problem is that I don't have someone I can talk with about the things I love doing so much. I've tried talking to my friends about it, and showing them some things. They liked the magic tricks I did but it didn't go any further than that. So I'm searching for a person I can share my magic and cardistry with, someone Who also loves doing it. I myself am currently 16 years old, so i'd prefer someone at the age of 15,16 or 17. Thanks for Reading my first post on here, and feel free to reply
  2. I'm quite a bit older than you and live in Belgium (but we do speak the same language ofcourse) and I get what you mean. I'm near the border with Holland, so If you're ever around Ghent, shout out ;)
  3. Thanks for the reply and i'll hit you up if I'm around there
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