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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by calledcrazy, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Hey Brothers and Sisters,
    I have a bit of spare cash (just over a hundred American dollars), and I was wondering of you guys could suggest any good card magic sets? Like I said price range is just over a hundred dollars. I'm looking for something with a lot of substance, I already have Paul Harris Stars of Magic, Daniel Garcia Project, Trilogyand Past Midnight. So if you could just suggest one or two and give reasons why that would be absolutely wonderful (where it can be bought would be helpful too, if you're feeling generous)

  2. There is actually a dvd set for expert at the card table. I think its a 6 DVD set. The preview says it covers EVERY move in the book. That would be my choice...
  3. Come on guys, I encourage everybody to buy books. You can find a free download of expert at the card table some where. I will recommed The Royal Road to Card Magic, it has many tricks and sleights. But for dvds I don't know because I haven't bought a dvd set yet.
  4. You may want to look into the Jon Armstrong set that is just priced around $100 I believe. His material is top notch. I am actually thinking of purchasing it myself.
  5. Why does it have to be card magic? Don't limit yourself! Jay Sankey's Kaleidoscope has been my favorite DVD of 2009. Some AWESOME stuff on there.

    I bet nobody here has heard of it, but Chris Randall has a DVD called Sweet!. It's awesome, and has a LOT of practical material I use a lot.
  6. Yea mate it looks like you have enough card stuff at the moment (for now anyway). Get something else and seriously look at getting a book, I used to be the same and always got dvds but I really recommend getting a book. :D

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