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  1. hey guys. I’m looking for a mentalism tricks that I can peform while doing street magic. I already own Cipher and City Prediction.

    I’m looking for something similar to these tricks. I’m not looking for a book. Mainly a direct download product, but gimmicks and such things are fine:)
  2. You know where I'm about to go with this, right? When it comes to mentalism, the books are where its at. But giving that people today are more in tune with stuff on video, I can help out there.

    1. You need to Know a Peek- Look for Any mentalist who teaches a peek. My go-to peek (to be honest, the only one I use these days) Bold Business by Patrick Kuffs. Buy his Penguin Lecture. You will learn more stuff.

    2. Buy Banachek's Penguin Lecture. Why? Because based on the way you worded your post, you REALLY need to learn from a master. Not only that, you need to hear the cold-hearted truth that Banachek gives. He does such a good job at teaching, that halfway through the lecture, he gets an applause because someone like yourself NEEDS to hear it.

    Once you have done those things, you will be begging to know more. Then come back and ask.
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  3. Thank you so much for your answer. I will look into this right away!
    Thank you!
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  4. you're welcome my friend
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  5. Since UrbanEntityTV already gave a stellar post (I need to watch Banachek myself, it's on my list!), I'll give you a suggestion for an app.

    Wikitest and/or Earworm from Marc Kerstein.

    MANY people say that Wikitest is the best app you can get, but greatness comes with a price tag!

    Earworm is also great and much cheaper. The downside is that on some devices, YouTube mutes by default even if the audio is on and volume up, so the impact doesn't come across as much, but still great reactions.
  6. Does Wikitest only work for English Wikipedia. I can’t think of any good presentation that will give me the reason to use the English Wikipedia when I’m danish
  7. Per the App page, these are the languages: Works in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese and Norwegian, with more languages added regularly.
  8. Do you know if it’s possible to contact them to maybe get it in Danish, because I feel like they will not add it otherwise
  9. You'll have to reach to to them to see!
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  10. You should look into Social Prediction by Debjit Magic. It's an impromptu mentalism trick which goes great with Cipher

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