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  1. Saw this trick a while ago , abd on sale too but cant remember the name anyone know?

    The concept is you borrow a ring and make it vanish, then you give a small gift box to the spectator, they open it and find a watch, and i side the watch in the back plate... You guessed it, is their ring.
  2. I don't remember it being on sale. But I believe you saw Timeless by João Miranda?
  3. I know this isn't what you're thinking of, but it reminds me of Tommy Wonder's beautiful routine with a watch, a ring, and a wallet:

    His "Nest of Boxes" routine is also fantastic, where a spectator's watch appears inside an alarm clock that is in a series of boxes.

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  4. My driend showed me a trick years ago. He put a deck on the table and asked me to think of any card, and the card appears to be the top card. Do you know the name of the trick? it was a completely normal deck of card.
  5. Luck.
  6. Luck - that's good. Yes, this trick can be done, and it works 1 in every 52 times :)

    Alternatively, sometimes we have a false memory as to how a trick worked, making it seem even more impressive years later. You do mention that a friend showed you this years ago, so it's also possible that the way you're remembering it isn't quite quite happened... Look into ACAAN routines, for example.
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  7. The Trick that Cannot Be Explained from More Inner Secrets of Card Magic by Dai Vernon

  8. I think this might be the trick you are looking for!
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  9. I think this reply was meant for a different post... Obviously not this one.
  10. I saw an effect (in a DVD of Joshua Jay), where the magician dissapears a ring in a ungimmicked ring box. You can use this and reappear in a watch inside to nest of boxes. Its an idea, i never seen the effect you mention.

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