Looking for some books -- cards and packet tricks

Gabriel Z.

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Apr 26, 2013
Hey Brett,

I will recommend. The Card College Series Volume 1 + 2(That covers books)
Packet Tricks: Jumping Gemini, Twisting the Aces, Gemini Twins. 8 Card Brainwave.
As for Card Marking Principles you can pretty much mark any deck but why not buy a marked deck. (Ulitmate Marked Deck is handy) It's pricey but gets the job done.

You know me quite well Brett and know that I am a big proponent of study and practice. I think that should cover it for now.

Hope all is well.
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Nov 1, 2009
New Jersey
For packet tricks, I love Bannon's High Caliber but it has been out of print for a long time... but it you can find one for a reasonable price. Simon Lovell's Packet Killer DVD and deck combination is great for the classic packet tricks. Craig Petty's Blank DVD has a number of packet tricks with blank cards. One of my favorites (and one that gets amazing reactions) is Color Monte.

For marked decks, get Kirk Charle's book Hidden in Plain Sight. The Ultimate Marked Deck is great and the accompanying book is good.
Sep 1, 2007
A thread about packet tricks without recommending the work of Nick Trost is an incomplete one.

Do you want to work with marked cards that are marked on the back (typical) or the faces (Less common)? Annemann has some interesting work with cards marked on their faces.
Jun 23, 2019
In 1990 a book was published titled "Focus" by Phil Goldstein (aka Max Maven). All of the tricks were packet tricks.

Today one of the best magicians who primarily only does packet tricks is Peter Pellikaan. He has several dvds, downloads, and tricks available.

I would also recommend tracking down all of the marketed packet tricks by Nick Trost.
Mar 15, 2018
I'll echo the recommendations from others, especially RealityOne.

The Packet Killer DVD (comes with a full deck of the required gaffs) is probably the best starting point, and comes with some terrific classics.

The Ultimate Marked Deck is very expensive nowadays. If you want a printed deck instead I'd recommend Penguin's Marked Cards, which are on Maiden Backs, are easier to read, cost only $10, and come with video tutorials.

For good resources about marking your own deck, some of the best books are Pete McCabe's book PM Card Mark System (2010), and Kirk Charles' book Marked for Life (2002), or the updated version Hidden in Plain Sight (2005) which adds a chapter by Boris Wild

Nick Trost is a guru on packet tricks. I highly recommend his book The Card Magic of Nick Trost, and his many packet tricks. Eight Card Brainwave is a classic, but he's also produced some fun novelty packet tricks like The Unknown Card, Bigfoot, and many others.
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