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Apr 11, 2020
Hi! I’m 10 years old, and I have been doing magic for a little over a year now, and I am looking for some tricks to learn! My hands are really small, and I cant palm a card without the corners peeking out. I have been looking for a good impromptu trick, with no gimmicks or gaffs, that you can recommend to me. Lateral palms and gamblers cops are fine. Thank you!


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Nov 1, 2009
New Jersey
For general magic, I'd recommend Joshua Jay's Complete Course and/or Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. They are two very different books despite the similarities of the titles. Joshua Jay's is more up to date with a lot of effects you can perform (and I think it still comes with a DVD) while Mark Wilson's is a bit dated but the methods and effects stand the test of time.

For card magic, I'd recommend Scarne on Card Tricks. Scarne's book has 150 card tricks that don't require difficult sleight of hand and it is inexpensive. There are a lot of great tricks in that book.

For progressing with sleight of hand, I'd recommend Roberto Giobbi's Card College series. The first two books are were originally designed as a set, teaching the foundations of card magic. The books teach a sleight and then give several effects to perform using that slight (as well as sleights previously taught).
Jun 18, 2019
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Do you already have the Royal Road to Card Magic by Hugard and Braue? It is a great book because it teaches one sleight (or a group of similar sleights) per chapter and then immediately after that, follows up with tricks to practice.
Apr 11, 2020
Do you already have the Royal Road to Card Magic by Hugard and Braue? It is a great book because it teaches one sleight (or a group of similar sleights) per chapter and then immediately after that, follows up with tricks to practice.
I’ll check it out!
Jan 4, 2021
Are you only looking for card tricks?
Would you consider Coin, Rope or Cups and Balls?

Books are the best medium to learn magic! Good books like those RealityOne and MohanaMisra spoke of will not only explain tricks but often the logic and presentations NEEDED to make it real magic.
Also, for the price, books cannot be beat.

Videos can be a great supplement, but be wary of your purchases.
Buying single "tricks" can be expensive and "hit or miss" so I'd definitely ask around before I bought it.

Regardless, Practice and don't get discouraged!

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Apr 26, 2013
Hi Littlemagicdude

'The Lucky Coin' by Roberto Giobbi in Card College Volume 1 might be a good card trick for you.

Because you get to learn how to force a card, how to control a card and how to use the top change to locate a selected card in that routine.


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Jun 13, 2016
Everyone has already given some very great resources on getting started, so I thought I'd offer a different piece of advice.

The success rate of being able to palm a card and get away with it is not dependent on the size of your hand. It helps to have bigger hands, but it by no means dictates whether you can do it or not.

Back in the early 1900s, there was a magician named Max Malini (if you stick around in magic long enough, you'll hear his name come up many times). He famously had ridiculously small hands; his hands were so small, he couldn't even palm bridge-size cards without it peeking. His student, Charlie Miller (another big name in magic), once asked him how he could palm cards and get away with it.

John Ramsay, a legend with small hands, sums up one point this way: "If you want someone to look at your hands, look at your hands yourself. If you want someone to look at you, look at them."

Charlie Miller asked Malini, Max, how is it you can always fool people with these sleights of yours?
Max replied, well, you don't do it when they are watching.
What do you mean? asked Charlie.
Well, take this side slip I do, Max replied, oh I wait I wait.
What do you mean by I wait I wait?
While I wait until they are not looking!
But how long do you wait?
Malini replied, I'll wait a week.


Palming is not a matter of the size of your hand. Back when I first started magic, my hands were big enough to cover the whole card. Yet, I would continually get busted with the card in my hand despite the fact it was not visible. Palming entirely dependent on your skill in misdirection.
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Apr 28, 2009
If you've got $9.00, and access to someone with an Amazon.com account, check out A Book of Magic for Young Magicians: The Secrets of Alkazar, by Allan Kronzek. It'll teach you several classic effects, how to put together & script a show, as well as the principles that form the foundation to all forms of magic.

And get an actual copy. Don't save $4 and get the electronic version. There was an issue of rights ownership on the art, and the electronic version doesn't have the same original illustrations (which I prefer over the new ones).

Just a wonderful, wonderful book.
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