"Looks like a camera trick!"

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    Hey all, I just wanted to let you know about my first wire release! Cointum-leap is a surprisingly visual coin through card effect where the coin vanishes only to be found on the other side of the card. The craziest part is that for the last phase people watch both sides of the card and experience coin vanish and appear in the exact same moment!

    If it's your cup of tea to do some easy to do visual magic, then enjoy!

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  2. Congrats on your first release!
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  3. Can the coin and card be examined before and after the trick?
  4. Dude, that's one of the coolest things i've seen in a long time! Literally no idea of a method. Well done!

    I'm really into my science as well so I loved the presentation. This could be right up my street!

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  5. Thanks for the kind words.

    @Bryant, there is a gimmick in play that you switch in and out. I talk about my favorite way to do it, but you can easily do it any way you like. I let them examine before so that the heat is off during the routine.
  6. Morris, link don't work. Can you send another link?
  7. Thanks, adjusted - try that
  8. Very good effect.
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  9. Someone asked if it could be done with a clear piece of plastic. To be clear the routine cannot be done with a transparent piece, but the move itself looks really neat:
  10. Hey all. Here's a live video performance of Cointum-leap. The audio is bad - it was really loud - but it will give you an idea of the handling in a live situation as I made sure the work was shown.


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  11. FYI Justin, I'm getting "Watch this video on YouTube. Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner." on the most recent video in this thread. Previous one with the clear plastic works fine.

    P.S.FYI, looks awesome!
  12. Thanks! Fixed

    Another couple weeks nice reviews on it too!
  13. This looks so good! I'm going to be buying this soon!! Congrats on your first release Justin!!
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  14. Thanks! It's had all overwhelmingly positive feedback so far. My wife is mad. She thinks I should charge triple the amount lol. But personally I like great value in the magic that I buy.
  15. Just wanted to post this new live performance of this that I was able to get:
  16. With a larger coin:

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