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  1. Hi guys I want to know what is a loop, my fathers friend used to manufacture magic items, and he made that trick where you take a card place a match on there bend the card and the match will levitate still available on magic sites, now he does not manufacture magic items any more, but he did made that invisible thread for that trick. I want to know what a loop is, is it just a circle of invisible thread or something different, guide me so i can go back to him and ask him to make some for me.

    S. Basar

    And if you know how they make shells, help me in that also I do not live in US I live in southern asia, so i want to make shells of my own country.
  2. A 'Loop' is a circle or loop of Invisible ELASTIC thread, that can stretch up to 5-7 times it original size.
    As for Shells, get someone like Todd Lassen or Jamie Schoolcraft to make them. ;-]

  3. Pretty much what is stated above.
    A loop is a circle of invisible elastic thread that you wear around your wrist. It allows you to do a range of PK effects.

    You can buy Yigel Mesika's loops in just about any magic shop.
    An alternative is to buy your own invisible elastic thread and tie your own loops.
  4. yeah, loops are what above above members said they are.

    as for shells... didn't you already get help from Todd Lassen on that from this post?
  5. Thanks you guys, I would have to make my own loops why buy off the internet when your fathers good friend makes them, no shipment charges also i would know how he makes them. He was the one who introduced me in magic he used to give the gags to my father and my father gave them to me.

    Again Thanks for your reply

    As for shells I thought someone would give me new information.

  6. Thanks for all your help guys my father brought me wooly nylon he says they use it, but however the best thing can only be bought from a nylon factory.

    Anyway enjoying PK.


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