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  1. I have been watching different 'Loop' tricks for a month or two and decided to get some and learn a few tricks. I got a DVD done by Finn Jon and Yigal Mesika, which also came with a few loops and some 'yarn' so you can learn to make my own. The tricks are amazing and some I can do without tons of practice, but...I keep losing my loops! When those little suckers get away from you they just disappear. I have decided to purchase a few more premade loops before I try making some....Anyone have a favorite source where I can get these....good quality and best buy...
  2. I generally make my own with E's IET400 feet spools. One spool has lasted about 3 or 4 years and I'm just starting to run low. I use the Million Dollar Knot method.

    Yigal's Loops are pretty solid, though. I think it's $10 for 8, so not as effective but you don't have to make them yourself.
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  3. Thanks, Christopher.....I should have mentioned that I am 66 years old and have some arthritis in my hands....tying small knots and making these things may not work out, but I will try with the 'yarn' I have. But while I am learning to make them I want to continue practicing, so I want to purchase more already made.....
  4. Tom Wright has a way of doing it that might be easier for you. It's called Speedbands, which you can purchase separately (and comes with a spool of IET), or you can see it in his Penguin Live Lecture. The Penguin Live segment is pretty short, and you'll probably have to watch it several times to get it. He doesn't really sit down and "do this and this and this", he just demonstrates his technique.

    I assume the Speedbands video is very in depth and I see it includes a few routines.
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  5. Well, as you mentioned, it is difficult for you to make your own loops. However, if you find it easier, or if you find someone to make them for you, I recommend buying Yigel Mesika's "Mesika's Elastics". It is essentially 100 ft of Loops thread packaged in a little, dental floss style box. Pretty easy to use. It costs $15 - $20 (perhaps cheaper) depending on where you buy them. Here is the Penguin Magic link, but I'm sure you can find a cheaper one at other dealers/shops.
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  6. Thanks to all for the help....lots of good options.....!
  7. If you don't want to tie your own, Eddie Raymond sells Elastic Bands on his website, much more affordable that Mesika's Loops.

    I've had great results using them for Haunted Deck and other effects.

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  8. Boomer, thanks....I will check them out!
  9. If you use loops, stretch them our before use it helps them from breaking
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  12. Thanks you.

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