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  1. I was thinking about purchasing some LOOPS, and I just wanted to get some opinions from those of you who use them. For example:

    -Do you get good reactions when you use them?
    -Do they break easily?
    -Are they easily spotted?
    -Do you lose them easily?
    Any other info you could provide would be helpful


  2. I've been using loops for about a year and a half now. I am very fond of them. I'm sure you will get alot of different opinions but I use Mesika's loops. Thus far I have had no problems with them so I have no reason to switch. I get some of my best reactions with my loop effects. Once you get comfortable and confidant with them you can use them for many different things. When you first get them you should test them out for strength, I broke three my first two hours of testing, so don't be afraid to test your limits; just learn from your mistakes when you do break them. I recommend Yigal Mesika's book Animated Miracles and/or the Loop's DVD trilogy from ellusionist.com. I have both the book and all three DVD's. There is alot of great information on effects and tips to make your loops more effective. I hope this has been helpful. If you or anyone reading this has any questions please feel free to ask. (I used my loops in broad daylight in Iraq; with practice anything is possible.)
  3. Oh that was very informative and helpful. Thanks for the all the info and the recommendations. I probably will end up picking up the book or a DVD or two. I feel a bit better about getting them now.

    Thanks Again,

  4. loops reply

    Loops are awesome! I get great reactions from using them. When first using them, they may break. If you can get the 3 loops dvd set with Daniel Garcia, Nathan Kranzo, and Justin Miller, they really help! especially Kranzo's dvd. HE talks about preventing the loops from breaking by actually stretching them first, not forcing them, but stressing the max flexibility just a tad. As crazy as it sounds, it works AMAZINGLY! so I highly recommend them.
    As for seeing them, try to do it when the lights are a little dimmed, or perform them in a shadow.
    The spectators are not looking for the loops at first, but I find that if I do 2 - 3 loop tricks in a row, they start to catch on. So I usually spread out the loop tricks throughout my act.

    hope this is informative.
  5. Loops are amazing if you care for them right and use them correctly. What the post above mine says is true. I personally use loops sparingly through my performance. People expect certain things, and loops do not seem to be one of them. Also, make sure you act it out; never forget how a moving object through telekinesis looks to an audience. I also ask this of anyone who uses loops or any other type of IT: Please please be subtle! I have seen many a magician having objects just shoot up or move quickly. Trust me, that is only convincing with a few types of effects. Most of the time it simply looks as if you rigged your props with springs. Again, some effects lend themselves to quick movements (telekinetic sunglasses is a good example), but many others should be subtle, maybe it moved... maybe it did not. Do not forget, if you create doubt in the minds of your audience (did that really happen?) you have won them over!


    PS If you have any questions feel free to pm me.

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