Lost and Found 1st flourishing video

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Eclipse14000, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Critique?

    I know people have better flourishing but Im a noob so give me advice on everything editing did you like the video what can make it better? thanks so much guys


    Senses fail
    Andy Glass
    Dan and Dave
    Daniel Madison
  2. The flourishing was pretty good. Especially for a beginner. But please, please take out the rest. We want to see your cards, not you getting mad at yourself.
  3. its just to go with the song its not all about the folourishing i mean i just wanted to make it flow a little better

    but thanks for the advice ill work it different in the next video
  4. I agree, focus more on the cards as opposed to you. If need be edit the song to fit the moves. The moves were good but a bit repetative. Doing the same move or effect consecutivly isn't good if you are showing differenciation in your video. Other than that good work.
  5. thank you i love the song so i wanted to use the whole song i dont know why exactly but yea haha thanks for the comment
  6. Didn't like it too much, unfortunately.
    Got the "emowebcam-feeling" from it.
    And if you wanna look miserable, wear black;)

    try to zoom in on the cards more, I saw to much of your room to really focus on the cards.
  7. okay thanks guys i took it down ill work on it and maybe put up another one in a year or so you can delete this thread now

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