Lost in the Shuffle documentary film about card magic and playing cards

Mar 15, 2018
This is slightly different than your regular Kickstarter project for a deck of cards, but there are tiers that come with decks that you can get. The film alone looks really, really interesting, and worth supporting.

A feature length documentary called "Lost in the Shuffle" is currently up on Kickstarter here:


It's described as: "A cinematic exploration of the long history between magicians and playing cards and the murder mystery hidden in their art."

They've got some great names involved: Shawn Farquhar, Michael Vincent, Alexandra Duvivier, Richard Turner, and Juan Tamariz.


Cdn$25 gets you digital access to the film.

Here's a video trailer that covers the development of the project:

Here's a further video trailer explaining the concept:

They do have other packages available that include more goodies and extras, including tiers of support that get you custom decks of cards.


Official page: https://lostintheshufflefilm.com
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