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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jordan101, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Good luck with finding that. I have been asking about the EXACT same effect for 3 years now. Still nothing.
  2. Lol. I know how you feel! I have wondered myself for years but found nothing. Nate Staniforth does the same (or very simmilar) effect in his stage show! It is incredible! I have some ideas to the workings of this and have a method of how it could be accieved. I think it has to be simmilar in workings to Derren Browns £10 note serial number prediction.

    Both are Awesome :D
  3. YES! Nate Staniforth's effect is AMAZING! I have been wanting to know that effect for a long time now.

  4. Agreed.
    Both effects are amazing and I have been looking everywhere to find ever since I saw them.
    I have some ideas in the works, but not as good as I want it to be.
  5. Anthony Owen has a lottery prediction which is performed the EXACT same way.

  6. 13 Steps to Mentalism?
  7. I saw Nate Staniforth's effect and can honestly say it is one trick that I had no idea how it could be done (he had a ball thrown out into the audience and the one who caught it named a number and threw it behind them and the one who caught it named a number, etc--the ticket was then in his wallet with the numbers). Blaine's version is incredible too. I would love to learn how it works.
  8. DB's team consulted with Nate Staniforth on the lottery prediction used in the Dive of Death Special, with heavy input from Daniel Garcia, Dan White, and Doug McKenzie. That said, this is not a published effect and is not commercially available.
  9. The stainforth thing was extraordinarily boring though. It could have been better, if only he had put a bit more presentation into it...

  10. I'm pretty good friends with Nate, and I can tell you that Anthony Owen's contribution, while very practical, is not the same method at all. Of course, in the minds of the spectators, they're the essentially same thing, but after having a few e-mail sessions with Nate discussing the effect, I believe Nate's method is more versatile and possibly easier to manage. I've to admit I still don't have the complete workings of Nate's effect, but I'm exploring the same resources he recommended in order appreciate the thinking and inspiration for it.

    Nate's an awesome thinker and his performance of magic is very unique and down to earth. I think that's very admirable. Whenever we talk shop, he always puts the audience before himself and I believe that's a lost mentality in the modern magic community. His understanding of magic is very raw and refreshing to explore.

    As JB stated, Nate's effect isn't commercially available and I believe he'll be keeping it to himself. It's his baby.


  11. Me too. The only way I can think to achieve this is very impractical and more for the stage/tv performer. I kinda wish that my method is completley wrong and there is a completley workable solution for someone like me who just does magic for familly and friends but I just cant see it somehow :(
  12. When I first saw the Stainforth effect on his video I thought this is kind of a slow moving effect and was not completely sure where he was going. However, when he showed the lottery ticket I was floored. I forgot how long it took immediately and never forgot it. Again, assuming no stooges were used, it is the one trick that has me without any explanation. If anyone has any thoughts on it, PM me.
  13. Just to clarify...

    I devised the effect Natural Lottery in 2000 and first published it in 2003 (in my book 'Some Tricks'). It is also performed and explained on my International Magic Lecture DVD. The effect is identical to that performed by Staniforth and Blaine. (I understand that their method is different to mine and remains unpublished.)

    Also in 2000 I devised an additional handling, which was only shared with a small number of close friends, which enabled the lottery ticket to be handed out to a spectator as a souvenir. This handling - along with other ideas - is now available exclusively to purchasers of the National Lottery props from the guys at


    Anthony Owen
  14. You can also check out Powerball 60 by Richard Sanders and Bill Abbott over at It will be released Oct. 22nd.

  15. Anthony.

    That Oil & Water routine was quite simply one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Have just bought some of your work based on that demo alone.

    Really nice mate...really, really nice.

  16. Thank you Rabid.

  17. Anthony,

    I saw somewhere where your effect is perfect for stage work. Is it effective doing it on the street? Thanks
  18. Buskers may make use of it during their larger street productions, but it's really not suitable for close-up work at all. It would not play effectively for strolling environments or guerilla-style street magic. In all, you cannot replicate Nate Staniforth's or David Blaine's 'impromptu-style' performances of this effect using the method taught in Natural Lottery. Magicians will notice how differently the two effects look, feel, and operate.

    Natural Lottery is still very awesome for its intended venue though; I recently purchased it and I've incorporated it into two stand-up shows already. I highly recommend it.

  19. whats the name of the bottle trick he did on this video?
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