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  1. does anbyone know how to do or where to buy or learn the trick where you have people guess a random number u take a lotto out of your pocket and the numbers they said match the numbers of the ticket nate staniforth and david blaine preform this can someone please help me out with finding it? and tell me how to do it or where to buy or learn it? thank you
  2. I answered already in the other thread. It was Nates baby and he either sold it to or gave Blaine permission to perform it on his tv special.

    He has not put it on the market for magicians and I doubt that he will anytime soon, if ever.
  3. For Natural Lottery you do need to be performing on stage for a rather large audience though...
  4. I was trying to be helpful to him.
    In this thread and the other he specifically asked about Nates version. Which I answered correctly.

    He didn’t respond to either one so I sent him a pm asking what situations and settings he performed in so that I might send him in the right direction and he didn’t respond to that either. Then I looked at his previous posts and I didn’t get the sense that he would be performing for a large audience on stage so instead of throwing him out useless links that won’t benefit him any and only waste his money I was waiting for a response.
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  5. On the plus side, those "useless links" benefited me...I'll definitely be checking out some reviews for that lecture. :)
  6. Dude thank you so much for this and ill try to make it more large group friendly instead of on stage and by any chance does it require an assistant or stoodge
  7. Probally not...
  8. To clear this up.
    Obviously anything by Anthony Owen is golden. When I stated “useless links” I was referring to the fact that they may be useless to the joeymagicfreak as at the time we didn’t know if he performed on stage or not. Recommending something to someone without having any info about them is not necessarily always recommended. You may be sending them totally in the wrong direction therefore doing more harm than good. I have clarified this with revelation77 in a pm as it was not directed at him or meant to bash him for trying to be helpful.

    And no it does not require a stooge.
  9. ?

    why do u need to be on stage for it is it because u cant be surrounded beacause if so im not usally surrounded i have the people directly infront of me?
  10. You can be surrounded but their is multiple realities involved. To do it to full impact you should have an audience of at least 100.
  11. why do you need so many people and can you still do it with 6or7 people
  12. As someone who owns the effect I can tell you this is not true. There is no dual reality in the effect. Everyone experiences the same thing. You can do the effect for one person and the impact and effect are still the same. In the book Nate talks about how he did it for a local journalist in a coffee shop once. Brilliant effect in both presentation and method.
  13. He did put it on the market years ago, he only released a handful of books, think it was 50? or I had number 50, can't remember, I don't own it anymore and I really regret not having it anymore. So freaking awesome.

    But, yes, there's other variations, but Nate Staniforth's is just another level.
  14. He released 150. I have number 137, I almost considered selling it a few times but I'm glad I didn't. Maybe I will sometime in the future though. My copy has been read once and stored in a plastic zip bag ever since to retain it's condition.
  15. As is frequently the case with magic routines.
  16. Hey Rob, thank you for your insight on Nate's Lottery Ticket Effect! I'm a performing Magician & Mentalist and would love to buy your copy of the book. If you, like me, love it so much, I'm wondering if I could buy it from you?

    Thank you and let me know! :)
  17. Josh, do you have Nate’s book? I was wondering if you would be willing to sell it.

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