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  1. I understand that M-Case is extremely new, so it is possible that not many people will know much about it... but I had a couple questions.

    My first question is, how durable is the gimmick? Does it damage easily in a pocket? Does it bend or scratch easily?

    My other question was, how noticeable is it? I believe I saw a couple things in the trailer that confirmed my suspicions on how it works... but I could just be seeing what I wanted to see. However, I was focusing on the box (and I am a magician with some experience). Will laymen catch the gimmick often?

    Thanks for any answers I receive.
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  2. I’m going to buy this

    Even though T11 released on their Instastory this effect, I strongly believe however that whoever did the demo flashed the method quite visibly

    I’m still gonna buy it because for laypeople - I just don’t think they’re gonna catch it

    I hope it comes w a stack of bikes though...that would REALLY make this worth the money I reckon...

    *cough cough...T11??
  3. It says that included are the instructional DVD, the digital download, and a red M-Case gimmick. It does not mention normal cards being included, but (depending on your country) bicycle cards are pretty common....
  4. You can keep your deck in the M-Case box in your pocket - so it's ready to use whenever you need it! The gimmick is built into the card box (included), so there's nothing separate to carry. Perfectly practical!

    And it's EXTREMELY deceptive. The trailer had a DSLR 4k camera zoomed into the box, shown over and over again. With proper presentation, your spectators will hardly remember that a card box was even involved.

    Ultimately, I'm hugely confident that this is something you'll love and use on a daily basis - which is why it's earned its place on theory11 and in the working repertoire of Blake Vogt, Dan White, Franco Pascali, and more.
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  5. That sounds perfect! It is a very neat idea, and I believe it has many possible uses (even outside of what was shown in the trailer). I am very intrigued with this product, I will probably purchase it....
  6. Will there be a refill option - to replace, or get a second case? Perhaps in Blue. I just received mine and will be using it in an upcoming Christmas Party!
  7. No current plans for a refill option, as these are priced low already - considering they're individually handmade! But each M-Case will last hundreds of performances - so it'll be with you for quite some time!
  8. I just recently purchased(not arrived yet) and after seeing video i think its a decent price for initial purchase. Having to pay that everytime it goes bad seems kinda ridiculous. There should be like a 10 to 15 dollar refill option or at very least a detailed instuction for purchasers to make their own gimmick. It doesnt cost hardly anything to make, just a little time.
  9. It's a great gimmick to use but when I received mine I was disappointed.

    Some part of the gimmick can be seen from the outer side of the box and finger smudges from glue are around the corner.

    The online tutorial by T11 was great but the included DVD is a disaster.
  10. If your gimmick is not in top shape when it arrives, reach out to our support team at theory11.com/support and they will sort you out!

    // L
  11. I completely agree that there should be a refill option. You get a red bicycle box which is fine but the refill should allow you to construct the gimmick into any card box. That would be an outstanding option.
  12. I received mine and forgot to follow this up

    I have to agree w a previous poster...

    Part of the outer shell is prone to come away and reveal some mechanics there

    Also - it’s as durable as an empty card box (since this is what it emulates) - it WILL need care and putting it into a pocket WILL damage it. In fact the side flaps and one of the edges bowed due to this and if you own it will know that’s NOT a good thing for this gimmick as it will cause flashing...
  13. I was just wondering if there will be a restock/pre-order as I was waiting to get paid before buying a few things to save on shipping (I live in Australia) and it seems the stars did not align and it's now out of stock. Thanks
  14. I just got mine and it's my favorite new effect. It cannot be beat as a freely chosen force card/cards. Also, I've only tried it on a few members of the family, some co-workers, and a friend and no one ever notices anything about the box because they never need a reason to ask about the box. They'll want to see the cards and/or maybe even the written prediction before they ever think about the box unless, of course, you choose to do the "visual" a.k.a obvious gimmicked box tricks. I don't know why anyone would even waste such an amazing tool on something like that.

    I think you can make your own gimmicked box just by using some common sense but, I believe, you will realize that $35 bucks is worth the precision of theory11's product. And in my opinion it can last more than 100 performances. Like any other card box, if you take care of it, it may never need replacing.
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