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  1. Hey guys, just asking about your opinion on E's M5.
    Does it really do what it says it does or is it overrated? I've been thinking twice about getting one because it is quite expensive and it would be a waste of money if it's not that good. The effects it could do sound impressive but im worried about the methods and how the M5 is used. Is it easy to use; or much less, conceal? Will i be able to use it frequently and regularly as part of a street magic routine? Is it worth it, and just how much can it REALLY do, as in realistic situations? please help.. :D
  2. I would like to know as well.
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    I do not have it, but you can check out this review, which answers some of your questions.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Somewhere you can find the dimensions of the M5 on their info page. I measured it against my wrist and other concealing places in my arms and no, its too big imho so I personally would not buy it.
  5. I have the M5 pro kit and just like any gimmick it is gonna take some practice to master,but its not too hard to conceal... It really does do all the things they say it does and it gets great reactions, to this day it has gotten one of my greatest reactions and it is great for street magic. But I would suggest getting it only if you like mentalism or love working with coins. I was really happy that I purchased it and I think you will be too if your a mentalist or coin worker. I would say wait for 2 or 3 more weeks and if you still want it then buy it. :D
  6. I have the M5 and I think it's really cool because you can do some amazing effects with it. I haven't used it in awhile though since it's still a little hot by me, It's much better to use it on your wrist than on your knee. I can't wait to remix the M5 up with Electric Touch. Tricks you would do with the M5 on the street would be vanishing coins, changing a penny into a dime, making a match stand up on it's end, stopping somebody's watch, and probably more effects as long as your creative.
  7. Yeah, it's kinda unusual for me to wear long sleeves because it is quite warm/humid here but it's ok. I read some reviews and it seems to do good things but it's really the size that im worried about :D Close to 2x2 right? Any suggestions as to where i can hide but still use it effectively? TY
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    Basically the best place to put it is on your wrist/forearm. That's where you can vanish the coins, what I like doing best. If your sitting down at a table, you can strap it to your knee/ankle.(You can't vanish objects by putting it on your knee or ankle. You can only make objects move.

    One more thing, everybody thinks you can levitate something with the M5. YOU CAN'T. It's impossible. Just in case you didn't know.
  9. Pretty darn overrated its only 1 effect ...but you can make it do so much more i was dissapointed when it came in the mail i get great reactionnsa and all but its such a let down. i really love the effects but i thought it was too much money for what you actually got.
    hope it helped,
  10. One effect? You can use the M5 to do a pretty vast number of effects. . . moving things, making things stand on end, flipping things over, vanishing things. . . how is that only one effect? Yeah, it's only one gimmick, but it can be used in hundreds of ways, which is pretty good for one gimmick.
  11. Honestly, I'm a big card guy. I got this effect as a present, and I was thoroughly happy with it, but as time went by, I realized I was more of a magician then a mentalist, and I like to stay strong with my cards. I do do a few coin effects, but they are nothing I couldn't do with my trusty Raven. It's really up to you. It's a great mentalist effect. It depends on your style!
  12. About a year ago I found a way to use this to swallow needles. I saw Criss Angel do it so I found a way to do it with the M5. I posted how to do it on the Protected Forums on E and now I'm seeing it revealed almost everywhere. Last cool effect I'll share with that M5 forum.
  13. The way I dress allows me to do a lot with an M5 easily and with no restrictions. I just sewed the gimmick into a leather wrist band that I wear on my wrist all the time. Perfectly concealed and no one suspects anything because its a nice decorative piece of "gothy" accessories. :D
  14. Not to debunk the M5 or anything, but in my opinion if you want to vanish coins, or change one thing to another you'd be better off using a Raven. The Raven is more suited to street magic and related types of effects. That being said, the M5 is probably one of the best things a mentalist can pick up. The effects really are endless and only limited by your imagination.
  15. I own the m5 and I have not used it in performance yet and I have owned it for almost a year. The effects are endless when it comes to this utility device. If you are looking for a device that can be used for endless PKM effects then I would highly suggest this device. Though if you are looking for more of a vanish gimmick , get the raven or the bat.
  16. I have the M5 As well its definatley worth it! and it comes with a lifetime guarantee
  17. I have the M5 and when i first got it i have to say i was dissappointed. I do not think it is worth the cost of the thing. 1.) it is hard to carry it around all day for a street preforming. BUT i am now working on a way you can wear it on your arm with short sleeve or no sleeve and no one will see it. i still have to test it and see how it works in front of people. maybe it will submit to THEORY 11
  18. Well truly, the M5 is not for everybody.
    I have read reviews saying how the M5 was a disappointment and some reviews that said how it was amazing. I guess it's all about the type of magic you do.
  19. That's probably gonna make things a whole lot easier. Please do post when you're done with it :D thanks!
  20. The way he is talking about is using a sweat band to make it casual. At first I didn't think this would work, but thanks to one of the members of this site, it is possible. I came up with the idea of attaching the M5 to your arm with rubber bands really tight and covering it up with either a sweat band or a bandanna. Or maybe even both.

    - Dan

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