Magic Banned at School!

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  1. hey guys,

    just wanted to express my outrage at my school...for a change :p

    basically i was performing tricks at lunch (like usual) and a teacher comes to me and takes my cards away, going on to state that cards and the like are not allowed in school. in anger i went to the vice principal who told me that these kinds of things are not allowed in school for one reason or another. i just think that people need to take things lighter and put less restrictions on things! im not taking out my cards or spongeballs in a lunch or in the halls! if a person was drawing, they would not confiscate that, even though the two (magic and drawing) are very similar!

    just wanted to get your thoughts on this

    thanks for reading

    p.s.-i got the cards back the next day after school...just was really annoying
  2. That's super frustrating. I would get your parents to give the school a call.

    Parents get results.
  3. something like that happened to me once. last year i was doing some rubber band magic during lunch. when lunch was over, i put the rubber bands on my wrist and a random teacher came up and confiscated them! even though i did magic for her before. sheesh, but i've never gotten cards taken away, even though i flourish right in front of the teachers. haha.
  4. drawing is an elective in school.
    Card tricks arent. Cards are not allowed simply because of gambling association and magic tricks are very distracting.
    You think they will see the so called parallels between those two arts? come on man.
    Maybe this will get you to think about expanding your horizons and not just concentrate on cards like the rest of the magicians nowadays.
    It sucks but those are the rules. And you as a student have the responsibility to adjust to them,not the other way around.
  5. Ok,now that really is an injustice and hypocrisy on her part.
  6. The year I started magic, that was a problem I faced, but everyone in the school now knows that I do magic even teachers I've never met, so it's not a problem anymore, hasn't been in almost 4 years now. lol

    But that really does suck major dude.
  7. I think it is the association with gambling, as many high schoolers are playing hold em, due to it's popularity. It is a hard one - doing it for art is a good argument, but how can you promise they won't be used for poker. You should reallly address the reasons the principal gave you - I would love to hear them.
  8. I've been threatened to be kicked out of my school's library for the same reason before. Whenever I'm done studying and my friends aren't I usually pull out my old deck of cards and practice some slights. I don't do any distracting things like flourishing things like flourishes or springs (which can be loud) and she still approaches me and threatens me to leave because "I'm not allowed to play cards in the library" even though I'm not playing cards at all or including my friends.
  9. As a former high school teacher myself I would never think about taking a student's cards away if all he was doing was peforming for his friends at lunch. That's absurd. Whoever this teacher is sounds like a pr!ck. Have one of your parents give the school a call. That's ridiculous.
  10. Had the same thing happen. I would get your parents to call though. But like James1wise said, once I kinda got established as the "Magic Guy" teachers were more chill about it.
  11. Last year I brought cards into a restaurant and the waitress (quite firmly) told me I couldn't play cards there. I said I was a magician, and just always have cards on me. About halfway through the meal she approached me and asked if I did shows. Long story short, I did a show for their staff Halloween party.
  12. like many others, I faced the same problem and was told just magic was banned, so I started just doing simple levitations and stuff where the teachers can't take things away because they don't know what the materials being used are. After that I became school's magic guy and the teachers chilled and the cards came back.
  13. I perform in school once in a while in the mornings for the reason it will not brother the "learning process" in my school. You should tell you parents about this. If this doesn't do anything get into coin magic. The teachers can take your money away, so look into coin magic.
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    If people in charge of school tell you something, you had better ... well comply. Unless, you don't want any more schooling.
  15. I sometimes have this problem as well. Last year, they tried to ban cards, but it didnt stick well, basically because the principal knew me and my friend, so he allowed us to have them. Well, one day just like 3 weeks ago, it was a 1/2 day at school, and I was in Spanish. The teacher didnt have anything for us to do and sat at her desk while everyone had cell phones and iPods out. So I decided to pass some time by practicing sleights (nothing noisy or disturbing), keeping to my own business. But as soon as she saw me with them, she took them, even though it isnt a rule, and it made me mad because of the phones and ipods. She even knew I did magic, but I reckon she dislikes me. I still havent gotten them back. Whew, one day, she had the nerve to ask me ifshe could see something. :mad::mad::mad::mad: . Such hypocrites aggravate me. Well anyways, back to you. I would like to hear the reasons, but just find a loophole. Like mentioned earlier, look into coin magic, cause they cant take your money.
  16. I agree, this is odd, never happened to me before, I have performed in class in front of many teachers. Not a problem with me.
  17. Just put the cards down and get over it. There are a lot of times when a temporary surrender is the smartest move of all.
  18. i had this problem too but i was just doing stuff in class and disrupting the teachers haha and its because playing cards and magic is related to gambling so i know it sucks but it also helped me bc i would try and find ways around the normal cards and coin routines that i did to still perform. i would use classroom objects to do things just use your imagination you can still amazing with other things other than cards and spongeballs

    p.s. if you have daniel garcias projects you'll know this already. but garcia had the same problem and thats why he created the original scatter.
  19. man i flourish in class, if we are watching a movie or something. learn a really good deck vanish, make em go before they're gone.
  20. lol schools have gone just too far these days
    im only 23, but whe i was in school we had tiny hockey sticks, we would play street hockey on breaks, slashing eachothers legs, beating eachother senseless for 45 minutes, and everyone was perfectly fine with it

    now your not allowed to even play tag because its exclusionary.

    standing around is still ok though, you can still stand around, until some kids foot falls asleep and his ****ing parents sue the school and itll be good bye standing around.

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