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  1. As most of you may know...One site lets users to reveal whatever trick they want.
    I wont reveal the name...

    But, is anybody going to do anything about this? Every trick Dan and Dave created is revealed. Tricks from Theory11 are being revealed.

    Nobody is doing anything.

    Lets all try to shut this site down
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    This website and many other things of the same nature have been discussed to death. It's first amendment man, we can't really do anything to assure it being shut down. I'm sure they receive hundreds of angry e-mails, but that site's been around for a long, long time. I'm not telling you to not try, but I wouldn't recommend it. Here's a youtube conversation I had with a kid (few years younger than me) that reveals magic on Youtube:
  3. I think it is an awful thing to reveal tricks, lest they are personally yours. Youtube is a huge place that people reveal tricks and I am sure that there wouldn't be a way to stomp them or other revealing sites out of excistance. Not to say that it is pointless to do anything about it, it would be a difficult tast though. I am all for ridding the sites and videos.
  4. I absolutely hate the fact of people out there revealing tricks as if its just another trick... Yet the moral behind the trick is the time and effort spent to create it....Its something that isn't taken to seriosly and I believe we should do as much as we possibly can to put an end to this.
  5. Many here will disagree with me, but I have no problem with certain things being revealed on youtube.

    If someone is revealing say, how to do a pass, or a french drop vanish, or anything that has been around for years, then I have no problem with it, because when I was younger, and knew about these things, good magicians STILL fooled me, and it's the combination of things that makes the effect.

    However revealing specific peoples routines is kind of a violation of copyright law.

    Actually, as a matter of fact, if it weren't for revealing websites, I wouldn't have had my interest piqued enough to actually start investing in books and products.
  6. im so sick of the argument i may kill someone
  7. I somewhat agree with you
  8. yes me too...I think there has to be some degree on exposure...if somebody wanted to start is the best place to learn a simple sleight or an easy vanish or a self-working trick..that should spark the interest in serious magic

    when I hear that an artist says that if somebody want to start magic they should go get a book in the local library, I don´t think it would be the right least at the beggining, because, well sounds boring...
  9. Please forgive my crass remark when I say "Not another one of these threads." This isn't a statement laced with acid, but more of a matter-of-fact eye rolling kind.

    This subject is one of the few masochistic dead horses around here. It just can't seem to get enough punishment to satisfy its eternal undead craving.

    I think we've explored (to the point of exhaustion) the subject of exposure, youtube, magic, and the internets. Inevitably, the conversations will always follow the same plot, end in the same place, only to begin again a month or two later. Rinse and repeat etnasium.

    Yes there are websites out there that expose magic, and there are less than scrupulous magicians on youtube tipping every gaff they can buy from Ellusionist, and the sad thing is there isn't much we can do to stop it.

    Raiker and JB suggest PM'ing them with links should you see any T11 creative property on exposure, and I recommend following that suggestion. It's their stuff, let them deal with it.

    Is it right? Is it wrong? Morals vs Ethics Etc etc. Whose to say. Some argue it doesn't hurt that much, and brings newer faces to the art, others hold to tradition. In the end, everyone's right and wrong at the same exact point in time. Welcome to the box Schrödinger.

    If there is any new point of view or input on this subject that I've not already recapped above then I'd love to hear it. Otherwise we are complaining for the sake of hearing ourselves whine. And to that extent I am adverse to the notion as I am at the minute out of cheese and summer sausage.
  10. You can't copyright physical movements, and you can only copyright words if they are written down.

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