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    just wanted to know, how many (and what are they) magic books do you all own?

    I own...

    AOA 1-3
    bobos book
    pure magic
    the amateur magicians handbook
    13 steps
    pure effect (well its a library book but still)
    tricks of the mind
    expert at the card table

    so what magic books do you have (im wondering what the average is)

    also what magic book are you going/wanting to buy? (this is an edit)

    for me its...
    expert card technique
    3510 (luke jermay)
    maybe - mind, myth and magic
    strong magic
    revolutionary card technique (marlo)
    little Egypt book of ghosts
    how to cheat at everything
    life savers (maybe, im not sure)
    tangled web (whats it like?)
    expert coin magic
    (maybe) thoughts so far
    smoke and mirrors
    larry jennings 69
    drawing room deceptions

    as you can see, its quite a long list (its mainly wants and not what im actually going to get)
  2. Nice thread :D

    AoA 1-3
    Psychological Subtleties
    13 steps
    Next notes
    1&2 d+M
    Smooth op
    Diving board double

    I've probably forgotten about 30 but, I'll add more when I go look for them

    NOTE: I have added ebooks, as I consider these just easy to obtain books.
    Sure, they'll never have the same feeling as actual books, but they still count don't they?? :p
  3. I agree with Tumbleweed, Nice thread!

    By Forces Unseen
    Royal Road to Card Magic
    Card College
    Smooth Operations - Kevin Ho
    Modern Coin Magic - Bobo
    Maximum Entertainment

    I have more, but don't feel like walking to my room to check my book shelf. :p

    Ones I want: Art of Astonishment, The David Stone Close-Up book, Visions of Wonder. There are more, but these are the next ones I'll probably get.
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    tooc, aoa, the paper engine, 13steps, practcal mental magic, annemann's card magic, card manipulations, harry lorayne's apocolypse.
    expert at the card table and some PDFs from d+m. I own a couple more but it's all I can think of now.
  5. The whole collection of Tarbell Course in Magic, Maximum Entertainment, Houdini on Magic, Derren Brown - Tricks of the Mind, David Blaine - Mysterious Stranger, but I have a hell of a lot more back home.
  6. It's a nice idea to get some insight into the members of the site :)

    As for I'll not list them all as I can only count to 20 (I run out of fingers and toes at this point) so I'll just add a few highlights, or books that have played a part in the way I look at magic or perform:

    - Mind Reading - Knepper
    - Miracles of suggestion - Knepper
    - The Coral Fang - Jermay
    - 3510 - Jermay
    - Practical Mental Magic - Anneman
    - The Complete Course - Wilson
    - Mitox (and Yokai) - Smith
    - PS 1 & 2 - Banachek
    - The Mental Key - Grant

    I also want to mention Madison's books, I've got them all happily sat on my hard drive and they all have great insights into the idea of direct and simple hits hard!

  7. meh. i havent finished with them all. slowwwly working my way through em.

    AOA 1-3
    Derren Brown - Pure Effect
    Downs - The art of magic
    Ben Rayot - Deads mentalism
    Pit Hartling - Card Fictions
    13 steps
    smooth ops

    and a whole ton of ebooks
  8. I have a lot to list, but these are my favourites:

    Expert at the Card table
    By Forces Unseen
    Drawing Room Deceptions
    Card College 1-5
    AoA 1-3
    Card Control
    Close Up Card Magic
    Marlo In Spades
    Scams and Fantasies
    Scarne on Card Tricks
    Stars of Magic
    Dai Vernon - Inner Secrets, More Inner Secrets, Ultimate Secrets
    Hilliard's Card Magic

    These stick out in my head as being the best books I own. There are some more, but I have followed suit and cannot be bothered to take the long walk to my bedroom ...
  9. Just to name a few -

    - Tangled Web
    - Close up & Personal
    - 13 Steps
    - The Coral Fang
    - Designing Miracles
    - Sankey Unleashed
    - Stars of Magic (original)
    - AoA (All 3)
    - New Magic of Japan
    - Five by Five
    - TOOC
    - Modern Coin Magic

    Just some of my favs from my collection.
  10. Don't own any yet, but intend to order some in the near future.
  11. Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic
    1-8 of the Tarbell
    Idiots Guide to Magic

    That's it for now. After recovering from purchasing True Astonishments,I will be purchasing Art of Astonishments.
  12. Here's some of mine:

    - Card College 1-5
    - Mnemonica
    - Zarrow: a lifetime of magic
    - By forces unseen
    - Modus Operandi
    - Expert card technique
  13. Royal Road to Card Magic
    Card College 1-5
    The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
    Card Classics of Ken Krenzel
    Expert Card Technique

    I have a crap ton of books I plan to buy, tho for now all I want is Modern Coin Magic. Expert at the Card Table and Card Control.
  14. -Bobo's book of coin magic
    -The Card magic of Lepaul
    -Card Manipulations by Jean Hugard
    -3510 by Luke Jermay
    -Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz
    -Expert At the Card Table

    I'm planning on getting much more. I love books.
  15. i own

    AoA 1-3
    13 steps to mentalism
    The Magic Of Lepaul
    The Expert at the Card Table
    Expert Card Technique
    The Vernon Chronicles 1-4 (amazing books btw)
    The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
    The Rice Papers
    Mysterious Stranger
    Mysterio’s Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring: A Compendium of Astonishing Illusions
    and probably another one or two that im forgetting

    im also purchasing several more very soon... i like books
  16. My favorite room in my new apartment is the (spacious) walk-in closet. Ha. The walls are lined with three levels of shelves stacked with 450+ books on performance art, magic, and mentalism. It took me an entire afternoon to sort through and alphabetize the titles. Some highlights of this small library (not already mentioned) include:

    The Annotated Erdnase by Darwin Ortiz
    Simply Harkey by David Harkey
    Ah-Ha by David Harkey
    Theater of the Mind by Barrie Richardson
    Act II by Barrie Richardson
    Magic from the Soul by Renee Lavand
    Tricks by David Ben
    Lifesavers by Michael Weber
    Annemann by Max Abrams
    Real Mental Magic by Ormond McGill
    The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel by Harry Lorayne
    Smoke and Mirrors by John Bannon
    Steel and Silver by Paul Gertner
    The Annotated Magic of Slydini by Lewis Ganson
    Stunners Plus by Larry Becker
    The Magic of Michael Ammar
    The Dance by Brad Henderson
    Meant to Be by John Born

    ...Of course, these are among many other titles... I'm infatuated with my collection. I have enough books to last me two lifetimes and I feel each one was a wise and worthy investment.

  17. Before you buy Bobo's, check your local library, I know that heaps have it in there.
  18. There are actually two versions of Bobo's. One is sold commercially through Dover Publications and the other is sold within the magic community through Magic Inc. The major difference between these two prints is that Dover is paperback and does not include the portions dealing with machined coins and coin gaffs, making it significantly shorter. If you want a complete encyclopedic reference in coin magic, I would recommend the hardback edition by Magic Inc.

  19. Id' check the library but I am lazy and don't want to have to deal with due dates. Plus I'd rather be able to take my time on the book, than have to worry about returning it and re renting it.
  20. Thanks for letting me know! I'll have to get my own now, and return this borrowed copy.
    What's the overdue fee for 2 years?

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