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  1. Hey guys,

    I know this has been posted many times, but I wanted to tell you guys my background and experience in magic.

    I want to buy some magic books... I have been performing magic for 4 years and am pretty interested in card magic. I have loads of experience in card magic, but don't really have any books, actually I have no books. I have many DVD's and cards.

    Any suggestions on what books to get?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Doctor Magic!

    I'd suggest getting hold of the Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher, and while they're still available, ONE TWO and iiii by Daniel Madison.

    I always end up looking back at these books.

    I'd also suggest the royal road to card magic, but apart from starting me off I haven't really looked at it for ages!

  3. Hey,

    We cant really help as we dont know what other items you have like what dvds you have because if we make recommendations and you have already learned the material from dvds then the recommendation is pointless. You know?

    Let me know what you got and I will be glad to help.
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    Art of astonishment-paul harris, strong magic-darwin ortiz, paper engine-aaron fisher, maximum entertainment-ken weber
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  6. Just another quick question...

    Where does everybody buy their books from online, since there is no magic shop near me?
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    (good idea RDC + Nikki ;) )
  8. Go to google and type down the books name.
  9. Did you seriously just say that? I meant like a decent online magic book shop, one that people frequently buy from...
  10. MJM Magic has loads of books. Got mine there and it shipped to Mexico.
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    Ken Weber. Weber.

    Why are we recommending books we obviously don't have?

    It's a good book, though.

    I'm gonna go for some stuff that people don't normally suggest, just because everyone will say things like The Paper Engine, etc., as good as it is - it's becoming the "in" thing to do.

    52 Memories is an excellent book of card magic. A very interesting array of concepts and sleights which are well put together to form relatively simple sleight of hand magic.

    Close-Up Card Magic. It's technically out of print, but there are many copies floating around. There are a few routines worth triple the price of the book, from which I've made a good income off.

    Any Vernon book. Speaks for itself.
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  13. i do have that book, i got it a while ago so i wasn't entirely sure the author, then i checked.
  14. Only Praetoritevong has mentioned Dai Vernon. I think the essential Dai Vernon (released by L&L publishing) is a good book for the serious student of magic. It has the inner card trilogy, the Dai Vernon book of magic and lots more.
  15. Again. Buy Maximum Entertainment. Best Investment you will ever make. You probably don't even need any more tricks. Learn how to present well (you will learn in M.E.) and you will be set for a lifetime.
  16. i know its a bit old school but the tarbell course. good stuff. Chris Kenner's Totally Out of Control. S.W. Erdnase's Expert at The Card Table. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. you prob will know stuff in these books already, but they teach you more than just tricks. Tarbell, for example, teaches you about the history of magic and how to connect with your audience. Good stuff just to have in your repituare (thats probably not how you spell it, but you get the point).
  17. lets see... the favorite ones from my library would be

    The Vernon Chronicles
    The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
    Williamson Wonders
    Jennings 67
    Totally out of Control by Chris Kenner
    A-Ha by David Harkey
    Stars of Magic
    and a few others.

    all amazing books with a lot to offer, but the ones i truly found the most in were Totally out of Control, Classic magic, The Chronicles and Williamson Wonders. those particularly have a great mix of magic between cards and other things and the chronicles offer a lot more than just tricks and methods. Another book i found completely by accident in a bookstore once but has served me quite well would be Mysterio's Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring. Dont laugh, it actually has a lot of great stuff in it. Those are all that i can think of for the moment that stand out of my library. if i think of any others i'll add more. They should also fit your skill level pretty well.
  18. art of astonishment and paper engine are really good books and pretty good books for card magic. But, while still great books, strong magic and maximum entertainment have nothing to do with card magic. They're both books on performance theory.

    Personally i really want to get the classic collection volume 1 soon it has "close-up card magic" in it like praetoritevong suggested. But whenever i see a forum like this i feel that its my duty to say that card college is the best thing ever. I personally started it with 3 years experience with cards and i learned (and am still learning) tons. Definately recommend it.
  19. One of the best books I ever bought was Carneycopia, but don't tell anyone, it's a big secret of mine.
  20. I'm just going to throw this out there. Regardless of what book you buy, check this site out:

    The company owner's name is Richard Hatch and he is a professional magician himself and incredibly nice! He sells DVDs also, but specializes in magic books. He also sells used books at discounted prices!

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