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    Please take a look at my design...


    Hey guys, I have made a business card today for the first time and I want to know what you guys think. Do you think I should add more info. or anything? I actually want to keep the business simple and clean and yet looks great. I have added the card revelation of card that guys and girls think of most that I could use in my routine. Also, which color do you prefer better. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    -Patrick K.
  2. Personally, I think it rocks.

    I also like the bottom one better. Looks cleaner, for some reason.

    Nice job!

  3. awesome

    that looks sick! I was wondering how you designed it like what to go to on the website. I am looking make new business cards
  4. i think you did a great job i love the cards both are awesome
  5. I think your cards are great.. less is more. Good job. One suggestion, when you get them printed, opt for the rounded corners. They look more businesslike and classy. That's what I did and they look great.

    My business card has 2 revelations on one side in the form of an ambigram.. ace of spades one way and ten of hearts the other way. People love my business cards for that reason. I call it "keep-ability"

  6. Would you mind explaning ambigram? Is it like when you can view an image 2 different way?
  7. yeah.. one way, it says Ace of spades and upsidedown it says ten of hearts
  8. Hey looks great!

    Someone should make a business card sharing thread. I love seeing these great cards.

  9. nice, i prefer the second one, but they both look really good and effective..
  10. I changed it slightly just so you could say the change I recommend. The name being in all caps. Other than the caps, it looks really sweet! Actually, it looks awesome! Nice work.



  11. wonderful they all are really nice and looking great good work.
  12. Damn why is it that i can't see any pictures posted on the forums? :(
  13. This topic was made in 2008, the pictures posted have long been deleted.

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