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  1. Im going to LA for my birthday this weekend and plan on going to the magic castle for the first time. Unfortunately I was unable to get a dinner reservation for the night I was able to attend. Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations around the magic castle area?
    Also aside from the dress code (Already have my suit together) Does any one have some advice for a first timer to the castle?

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  2. Definitely have proper etiquette when viewing the performers and talking to other people. Be nice, be calm, and relax and enjoy the show. With this, you'll be perfectly fine. :)
  3. Try to get into see Richard Turner in the Close-Up Gallery.
  4. Thats who Im specificly going to see very very excited and nervous at the same time
  5. The Castle is a very fun environment to be in. If you have a deck in hand in line, you will most likely have laymen asking for a trick, so be ready. Dress nicely, and have fun!

    Also, Mel's Diner is open late if you want dinner after the Castle. If you're out past 1:00am, it beats McDonald's ;)

  6. Unless you are a member.. or you are going in with a member.. you need dinner reservations to get into 'The Castle'

    also if you are not a 'Magician Member' you are not allowed to perform for anyone
  7. Thank you very much for you advice guys It turned out to be the most amazing birthday of my life.
    Before the castle trip I had tracked down a magic shop (Suprisingly hard to find) because I wanted to look through some of there stuff. Behind the counter was a man named Newall Unfried who after I told him of some previous magic shop experiences (All bad) He went out of his way to fool the hell out of me. It was amazing. He also directed me to some effects for my show that were exactly what I was looking for. He is the quintessential man behind the counter and I look forward to returning.
    Then I finally got to go to the castle. I was nervous at first when I walked inside the first thing I saw was bob cassidy sitting at the bar. I walked over and introduced myself and he very quickly put me at ease he is definitely one of the funniest men I have ever met.
    While I was there I had the pleasure of meeting Pop Haydn and Rich Cowelly (Who blew me away with his triumph I still have no idea how he did it)
    I also got to meet a charming magician couple who gave me a tour (They have been magician Members since early nineties) and showed me all sorts of amazing things. The best part of there tour was when we met with there friends (Laymen) outside of the parlor of prestidigitation. Jim handed me a deck of bikes (I had only brought Bee's) and encouraged me to preform for them. I was apprehensive but I followed his advice and it was an amazing experience. Afterwords when I thanked him he told me "Now you have preformed in the magic castle for an audience and got applause"
    And after all of that I finally met Mr. Turner in person. His show was amazing and he had some new demonstrations that blew me away as only he could. Definitely the best birthday I have ever had. Next time I go though I'm going to be sure to get a dinner reservation because I did get to walk through the dining area a couple of times and some of that food looked really good.

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  8. Glad you had fun!
  9. Explain to me how you got in without dinner reservations?
  10. I was invited.

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  11. you can still get in without reservtions if you have a vip pass. NOT a reguar pass but a vip pass that waves the entry fee and dinner reservation.
  12. Indeed the 'VIP' Passes... though i believe the new ones only wave the door charge... the back of them still say you must have dinner reservations...

    the person who invited you.. i'm assuming they met you there? the castle has strict rules at times.. and then they tend to forget them at others... i'm just Curiouser and curiouser
  13. Its all right. I was put on my friends guest list and they let me in when I got there. HAHAHAHA I was a little nervous and felt weird about saying open sesame to the owl at first. (wonderland fan?)

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  14. Brilliant!!

    Who is your friend? i may know him..

    Indeed.. i assume you live somewhere in California... let me know if you ever want to go to the castle again.. I'm sure we could session and that lot..

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