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    Hey guys,

    Im auditioning for the magic castle and I finally put together this routine. Would you guys please watch it it would really mean a lot and PLEASE give some constructive criticism and tell me what you think! Thanks!

  2. Video is private.
  3. I think the routine is good. Im a junior at the castle as well. Hope to see your routine in September!

  4. Good routine, but it can be better with some small changes. I assume you own "small miracles" by helder Guimaraes. Here are some pointers/things to think about:

    oil and water
    This routine is obviously Helder Guimaraes' and it's hard improving his routines, so here is something he does that you should consider doing and why I think he does so:
    - he uses 8's and 9's in the "oil and water" so the four red and black cards look very alike. Then the spectator is less likely to notice when a card is shown a second time.
    - he mixes the last four cards left in the hands in the second phase and it almost confirms the spectors' belief that the packet consist of two red and two black cards. The spectator could think "if you already switched them so every card is the same colour, why would you care to mix them with alternating colours? the cards must be 2 red and 2 black!"
    - the second phase is different and needed. Why? suggestion: clearer, harder for you, test conditions, spectator was maybe caught off-guard the first time,

    I think if you don't tell me why the cards transpose, the two last effects will be associated with a card game like 2 packets become 2 pokerhands.
    reset/ invisible thread
    - look into other ways of introducing the cards (unless you have a strict time limit). Suggestion for easy method: take out kings the standard way as if randomly placed in deck, then say I also need the aces (which already is on top) double undercut and do production like the kings taught for the king production as taught on "Small miracles"
    Reason for doing so? do as a layman would do first, then realize you need aces too, to save time and since you are magician you produce them quickly (and easily)
    - I do not want to hear "for my next trick", how about a question like "have you ever heard of invisible thread? (used for changing/switching cards)"
    - Before the effect put away the rest of the deck, it's only in the way/distraction especially when it's face up.
    - Do you really need a thread for the reset part? If you would like to keep that part in you might aswell make an adjustment on it's placement, giving a reason for gathering the king and ace packet as Helder does.
    - Kind of unnatural handling of the cards when the aces changes to kings part? To explain: I have seen doubles handled like that before, but never seen anyone handle a single card like that. So I think laymen might be suspicious of how you handle the cards as the card changes from ace to king.
    - The last ace to king was ok in handling of the card, but before that, be aware that there cannot be any squaring motions of the "single card".
    - Why does the kings and aces change? (suggestions: how to cheat at poker? demonstration of thread ex. aces shaken on "king side" of thread becomes king?

    Twisting + ace king transpo
    - The king packet is hidden from view because of the card box. Can you make the spectator see that packet better?
    - Again, why change aces to kings? (that is a bad change in most card games so that can't be the reason unless for example: the bad guy had aces, they turn magically face down over and when he looked at them again they had turned into kings and the good guy (you) got the aces (and therefore) the winning hand.

    You don't have to post any answers, but I do hope you at least with time can answer the following:
    1. Why am I showing you this?
    I will use your routine as an example to answers:
    "-Do you know that if you mix red and black cards and shake they separate like oil and water? -No. - Well, it's true, let me show you with theese eight cards ... Have you ever seen invisible thread used for switching cards during a game of poker? - No. -Ok. I think the best way to demonstrate this is with the aces and kings. ... But you might think what if you forget your invisible thread? Then you have to use another technique (or visible thread). The opponent might notice the cards turning face down in their hand, but when they do it's to late. The cards have already changed!
    I hope you like today's demonstration of the invisible thread. I don't want you to leave empty handed, look under your chair and you will find some invisible thread."

    2. Why is this happening?
    oil and water: demonstration of the properties of cards, told like if they tried the same they woud experience the same, magic move is shakeing and waiting.
    reset: show how one can cheat at poker with underground technique together with high tech invisible thread that makes cards invisibly change places, magic move is the shake, invisible thread makes the magic happen
    twisting + transpo: how to accomplish same result as before without invisible thread, magic move shake and twist packet turns face down, wave changes ace to king

    Good luck and have fun.
  5. Wow! Well thank you very much for many of those things. I would try to do them all BUT, there is a very strict 5 minute time limit and im at about 415. I don't want to risk anything at all so the productions and pulling out of the cards may be a lot! Well anyways, thank you so much for actually paying attention and watching my video
  6. First off, I think you remember me from youtube because you sent me a message a while ago asking for advice. And I congratulate you for coming up with a routine!
    With that said, what you need to work on is your presentation. What you're doing now is basically narrating almost every move that you did. Try to find a storyline (in this case a gambling theme demomstration would be perfect) that fits in with your routines.
    Also, you need to work on your doubles, you have exactly one month to practice, so I recommend you taking that time to perfect your double lifts, because even on camera I can still see two cards where there are supposed to be one.
    Now before I go, I would like to give you two VERY important pieces of advice.
    1.) NEVER say "For my next trick". The judges are against these kind of transitions. Instead, find a theme for your act and create a presentation that enables your routine to flow smoothly from one to the next.
    2.) You wil more likely to get in if you perform one effect with a GREAT presentation rather than a bunch of "tricks" with no presentation. Keep that in mind.
    Good luck!
  7. Thanks Pete! Ill be sure to take all of those tips into mind!

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