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  1. If you are part of the junior society, i was just wondering what effects you guys performed, and what was the audicion like?
  2. It doesn't matter. As long as you have been into magic for at least a year and correctly do a trick that requires SOME skill and present it well you're in.
  3. really, thats awsome
  4. not really, you need to be at least 2 years of experience and perform the trick with out a mistake within the time limit. It's sounds hard but not really, all you need to do is do your best and be yourself. Last but not least, over come the nerve; there are many people nerved out and messed up their routine.

    I know it pretty well because I joined last november.

    I hope this help.
  5. Yes, everything he said and repeated what I already said. No, you only need to be one year.....
  6. Gaah, too bad i'm not in california anymore.
  7. Hello everyone.

    Everything that was previously said is completely false. I have been in the Program for over 2 years and have performed for the Castle's prized summer show, Future Stars. There is and probably will never be a requirement in experience. It is however helpful to have some experience under your belt. And with the skill wise, it is all up to opinion of the judges. I know someone personally that was incredibly skilled and had basic to moderate performance aspects and he was not admitted to the program. On the other hand, some kids have been ok with their technicality and a bit better on the performance aspect and gotten in. It all has to do with the situation, choice of tricks. Audience management, self confidence, stage presence, and the general ability to interact with your audience. There are many things to do with this program and

    If anyone has further questions please feel free to ask.

    -Michael Stern
  8. You also need to own a copy of SemiDisc before allowed into the program.
  9. y do u need to own that.and wat trick did u perform?
  10. am very impressed by semidisc
  11. The Jr's audition I've been told is harder to pass than the adults just because of all the crap on youtube now days.

    Apparently anyone that has heard of Ellusionist thinks they are a talented "street" magician.

    Basicly: You need to have an interest in performing and studying magic. Know when the magic happens in an effect. Perform a few tricks that demonstrate some kind of skill and isn't completely dependent on gaffs, and that is about it.

    It's not hard to pass if you're dedicated.
  12. I'm offended by that sentence.
  13. can somebody tell me wat the close up audition is like. Is it like a table with adience or just u and the judges standing up and just performing?
  14. close up is you sitting down on a table and do your magic; for example, dream of aces, coin matrix, etc.

    stand judges performing is either parlour or stage.
  15. Right ok, what do you actually do in it? I've heard of it, but not much about it.
  16. do in what?
  17. Nevermind (word count)
  18. so its just u and the judges in a room
  19. I would attempt joining, but I've not been doing magic a whole year yet.
  20. Are you sure you have to been into magic for over one year to join?


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