Magic-Con 2010 Special Guest - Announced!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kmagic25, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. today is december 1st...when does the special guest come out??
  2. Magic-Con 2010's Special Guest of Honor will be announced tonight at 11:00pm EST. Hope this helps!
  3. Magic-Con's Special Guest is Juan Tamariz without a doubt. I just announced it, and if I'm wrong, I'll punch myself in the face. I wouldn't threaten myself if I didn't know the answer. Hopefully I'm right!

    Probably the correct guess,

  4. I was thinking Ricky Jay for a long time.
    I don't think it's Juan. (make sure you get a vid of that ;) )
  5. I heard that Ricky Jay and DanandDave are not the best of friends...Could be wrong though. And Paul Wilson's video mentions Juan so is he trying to through us off or ?? I think i have a guess, outside of those 2 but i cant wait to see who it is!
  6. i was origionally thinking blaine because dave said that this person is a celebrity and ricky jay and juan aren't really celebs outside of the world of magic
  7. Well who's the best living magician today?


  8. Thats strictly opinion based but itd be great for the guest to be copperfield.
  9. True. But he fits all the criteria.

    Celebrity, transcends magic, etc. Point there?

  10. If its Copperfield I will surprised. Only 50 minutes left...
  11. true,true.

    But what about seigfriend and whatevers left of roy?

    Oooh to soon maybe?lol
  12. Well first off I think you might be punching yourself in the face soon. haha. Second after hearing some of the description it takes me to the David Copperfield show I went to a couple years ago, he made me feel like I was really experiencing magic. I think it could be him, which some of you have already said. Whoever it is it is going to be amazing.
  13. You cats are all wrong is flonk.

    The special guest is Liam walsh.Durrr come on guys. He's the best choice by far.
    ...or maybe dynamo. He can dance.
  14. Ricky Jay has been on movies and TV-shows and Tamariz has been a celebrity of Spanish TV for like decades.
  15. Ok, From what i can tell, it is a magician that everyone knows... I think he does stage and of course a great performer. David Copperfield fits that, but Paul Wilson's video wants me to think otherwise.

    Also Chris Kenner didnt do a video, and if he did it would make it obvious Copperfield depending on what he would say. So if it is him, it would make sence he did not make a video. hmmmmm
  16. Tamariz yes but ricky never really reached celebrity status for people.Just being on T.V. or films doesnt gain you that.
  17. Is David Copperfield an author? I dont think so...But the Magic Con special guest is. Im starting to think its Juan now for sure and not the other person i was thinking of.

    In Pauls Video just after he mentions Juans name, he says "If i have to spell it out for you" Makes me think he just did.
  18. Very excited! The identity of our 2010 Guest of Honor will be posted in 15 minutes from right now...
  19. sankey possibly???
  20. lol! As much as i like Sankey...I hope not.

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