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Aug 31, 2007
Hello all!

Got back from Magic-con last night, and I have to say, it was a life changing experience.
I got to meet some amazing performers, like Asi Wind, Michael Weber, and Chris Kenner. I got to learn from some of the most intelligent magicians I have ever met. I jotted down seven pages of notes during Juan Tamariz' incredible lecture. I had a one hour experience, where myself, and 200 other magicians were transformed from magicians into laymen again. I have never been more fooled and entertained by magic in my life. I got to talk to Eric Mead about his book, and how it changed my magic. He gave me a metaphorical gold star. I stayed up till 2:00 in the morning getting tips on the bottom deal by Jason England. Derek Delgaudio helped me on a control I created. Hell, Chris Kenner even mentioned my "I'm on a boat" video in his lecture. I had so much fun in 3 days. Post your stories. Your pictures. Your videos. Lets hear how Magic-Con changed YOU.

Here are my pics:

Sep 1, 2007
Haha I just got back too, and from what you've just written, you essentially summarized my experience too. It was probably the best weekend of my life, hands down. The feeling I got during Juan's Performance and Lecture... GOD, I will never forget it. I felt like a five year old kid, watching my first magic trick. MAN, i couldn't sleep that night. I was amazed at the lineup they had, and NEVER thought I would be moderately close to any of those individuals in my life! This definitely was a life-changing experience, and many of my life/magic questions have been finally answered. I came to this convention to help re-invigorate the passion for magic within myself, and I have definitely come out with MUCH, MUCH more than I expected. I am going to sign up for magic con 2011 the first day registration is available, and I encourage EVERYONE to do the same. If this year's conference was this amazing, IMAGINE what next year's will be like : )
Dec 14, 2007
It was a great event. Many mentioned how it affected them not only as magicians but also as human beings. The danger with these experiences is that after the high wears off, we return to our original condition.

So, what lessons did you learns (not specific moves or tricks, but things that may actually make you a better magician, performer, technician -which can deal with moves or trick - or person) AND how are you applying them to what you do.

I'll start.

I found Tamariz's 'moment of assimilation' to be a much deeper and valuable description of what some call the moment of astonishment because not only does it address what may be going on in the spectator as a series of stages, it suggestions actions/attitudes to take when that moment occurs to make it an even deeper experience for the audience AND the magician.
I performed several times yesterday and I got to use those shows to first analyze what I used to do at that moment and try to improve my choices in order to heighten that experience. I will be conbsistently reevaluating all of those moments in my show. (And it has already shown to be of great benefit.)

I am also interested in exploring how carney has truncated to the time from 'moment of magic' to 'revelation of magic'. He didn't discuss this per se (he discussed the moment) but he demonstrated it several times in his examples.

What about you?
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Mar 21, 2009
I enjoyed the pictures Zach! Thanks for taking them!!!

I am totally going next year after seeing these. Just a question...After the lectures did they sell notes? Or was there nothing sold like no dealers room type thing?
Over the next few days, I'll retype some of the entries I kept in a journal during the course of the event. I'll touch upon my personal thoughts, the valuable lessons, and review some of the crazy presentations and magic I saw over the weekend to allow others to live vicariously through my personal experience. Ha.

Overall, it was a great, great time and I was overwhelmed by the wealth of information that was made available to everyone. I would doubt that anyone walked out at the end without becoming a better magician in some regard. It was an awesome time, and I would encourage everyone to make it out next year.


Aug 31, 2007
I enjoyed the pictures Zach! Thanks for taking them!!!

I am totally going next year after seeing these. Just a question...After the lectures did they sell notes? Or was there nothing sold like no dealers room type thing?

There was a dealers room with nothing but books, and there was a dealers room with only the presenters products. And the V4 S&M decks.
Nov 30, 2008
Ann Arbor, MI
It was literally one of the best weekends of my life. Just as other people have said, ti was surreal to see some of he people I looked up to and learned from, just walking around completely causally. That Thursday I was just in awe at everyone and everything there. Being able to discuss what I'm working on and to have gotten feedback from some of these people was a simply beautiful thing. And then making quite a few new friends was awesome as well.

And I'd have to say that was one of my favorite parts; having all these people with the same passion in one place. Yes the lectures were the best I've seen, and yes the presenters were literally some of the best out there. But the interaction and the growing we all did showing each other our material and critiquing it, all while sharing new ideas and theories, definitely helped me the most. Standing in a room with nearly 300 other people that share your love for magic is an experience any magician can take something away from.

On top of Dan and Dave getting maybe the best lineup possible, the Hotel was phenomenal. The views from the rooms were great, ti was right by down town San Diego, and the service in the hotel itself was wonderful. I am, however, tired of the Fox Grill now. 4 times in two days is a little too much for me.

As for magic-con continuing to help me grow, I purchased 4 books while I was there, all highly praised and things I've wanted to get for a while. More specifically, I also take into mind what Chris Kenner, Eric Mead, and John Lovick said in their lectures when structuring any new piece of magic.

The worst part, however, was I missed the last day :( I get my mind blown away by Tamariz, and don;t even get to sit through the lecture. We are definitely staying another night next year.

Lastly, I really liked how, for lack of a better word, chill the whole thing was. Yeah there was a pretty rigorous schedule, but even then they gave or took a few minutes depending on where everyone was at. It was nice just to simply be able to ask these people questions. And to see them act up on stage, both on their own and together, was funny as hell.

I learned soooo much more, in regard to both tricks/moves and to theories, in those few days than I could have from anything online. And to top it off, I managed tog et away with 5 decks of the v4 S&M.
Aug 31, 2007
Does anyone know if there will be DVDs made available of the performances and/or lectures from Magic-Con?


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Sep 13, 2008
In a podcast on the Magic Newswire, Bayme said they wanted to put out some DVDs of the talks, but not everyone wanted their stuff recorded. So I think there will be some video sold, not entirely sure how much.
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