Magic-Con 2010 : Who Is Going?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kmagic25, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys. i am flying cross country to go to magic con and i am extremely excited. Who else is going?
  2. Ugh, you're rubbing salt in the wound...

    Have a blast man! Wish I could be there.
  3. Wish I could go.

    P.S., look in my signature.
  4. Magic-con registration for sale at $199

    I unfortunately cannot attend, just very bad timing for me.

    I am selling my registration for the original price of $199. If you want it, let me know and I'll give you my info.

  5. Ill be there, driving in from Las Vegas Thursday morning.
  6. En route as we speak. We start setup tonight and into tomorrow, and the first events are tomorrow night (Thursday). Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing many of you there. Have a lot of last minute details to smooth over. And a few surprises in store for those in attendance...
  7. Hey guys, just wondering. Where exactly is the Magic-Con?
  8. San Diego?

    Or Omaha... I forget. :p
  9. I'll be there!
  10. heading out tomorrow morning
  11. im in the airport as we speak
  12. Registration begins in 40 minutes in San Diego. We're hustling behind the scenes to set everything up, but excited for it all to begin tonight!
  13. just got all my stuff. Cant wait for tonight and the whole weekend
  14. Spill the beans. What is in the registration kit? I want to live vicariously through you.
  15. I wish that I was going! But unfortunately, I live in Ohio, and my mom won't let me because of school. :/ Oh well. Only about 2 more months until I graduate!

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