Magic-Con 2011

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vorezo, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Registration for Magic-Con2 is on Friday.

    So who is going? I am very tempted to go an can't wait to see the lineup!!
  2. ill be registering right away
  3. I loved Magic-Con, and will be going again in 2011.

    I just hope I get VIP like I was last time. They spoiled me :)
  4. I am hoping the wife will allow me to do this for my birthday this year. My bday is St. Patrick's Day. I may have to pay some of the funds though out of gig money so I better start saving.
  5. How much does it cost?
  6. I'll be there! I've been talking to Syd a little bit, it's going to be sweeeeeeetttttttt

    Anybody looking to split hotel rooms?
  7. I went last year Im going this year
  8. How much does it cost
  9. it's normally a $300 ticket for all 3 days, plus the hotel room, which is much cheaper this year than last year because of their new location
  10. damn... in cali...
  11. but you'll see my pretty face?

    And that comes with the ticket price
  12. It's worth it mehar.

    I'm actually waiting to see the line-up.

    If they get Gazzo, or Derren Brown I will be overwhelmed.
  13. maybe I'll go, it's during spring break. Do they let minors in?
  14. yeah it's a hotel, not a bar, although there's a bar at the hotel where all the older magicians will go to protect themselves from the young fanboys
  15. It sucks being 14. I needa fast forward button! Is it a week long? $300?
  16. I couldnt go this year due to family illness,

    Hoping to make it next year.
  17. So everything has been posted. Im surprised T11 isnt advertising this much.
  18. Wow, a really great line-up already!

    Lennart Green :D :D :D
  19. Are these all really good performers? My dad said that he'd only take me if the majority of them are pretty good

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