Magic-con 2011

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Austin Fields, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. I was really surprised this is right around the corner! Who's coming?? And what are you most excited for?

    I'll be there, and I'm really excited for David Williamson and Lennart Green.
  2. I can't wait for it! I am very excited for both of them, but I really am excited to see Helder Guimaraes! It is going to be really awesome. This will be my first convention, so I am ridiculously excited.
  3. If its anything like last year, it will be the bees knees.
  4. Juan Tamariz!!!!
  5. Dunno if anyone can top Tamariz from last year, but if I had to make a short list of people who might be able to, Lennart is definitely on there
  6. Im really stoked for this year, and they have some really interesting experts in scientific fields presenting too!
  7. yeah i think thats my favorite part actually. And the rubik's cube guys.
  8. Grr.... goddamn thing has been pestering me for 8 years.
  9. yeah i'm really hoping to get some great info like last year. I"m a theory guy.
  10. Hello Team,

    I am very excited about Magic-Con and cannot wait! Dan and Dave did an exceptional job last year, and this looks like it will continue the tradition of 110% awesomeness.

    See you guys there,

    Ricky Smith
  11. Agreed. I wish I was there last year, and I wish I could go this year, but it just won't happen. I wish all that go the best of times and to have fun! I'm sure it will be a blast for all that is going. :)
  12. Hello everyone.

    I am pretty sure everyone is excited about Magic Con 2011.

    Unfortunately, I ran into visa issues and it seems like I will not be able to make it on time, with uncertainty about being issued the visa on time and flight schedules and the like. So if anyone has plans to go to Magic Con 2011 and missed the introductory price, I will be willing to sell my registration for $249. The regular price right now is $299.

    Please PM me if you are interested.

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