Magic Con 2012

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zdogmagic, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I know it's early, but does anyone know if they are going to Magic Con yet???

    I just finished my online registration.

  2. Lucky you Zach, I have school that week. But that's okay, at least i got to go to Magic LIVE, I had a time of my life:)
  3. Hey There,
    I possibly will
  4. Well pete,

    i hate you for going to Magic LIVE ;) but i guess this is payback...

    Just Kidding!


    P.S. Pete, pm me. We should hang out and jam soon!
  5. Wow. Great list of presenters. I think this might have to be my first Magic Con. :)
  6. The list of Presenters is incredible.

    Is anyone from the UK flying over for it ?
  7. I want to go to magic con since san diego is about a couple hrs flight away. It will definatly be worth it. I'm waiting to see if I won Dan and Dave's holiday raffles first though.
  8. I'd love to go but alas my current budget prevents me from going this year.
  9. I am totally going our school has spring break then so i pre-registered
  10. My son and I will be attending from North Carolina! We are registered, flights paid for and room reserved. I went last year and I must say, it was the best conference/convention I have been to.
  11. I'll be there for sure, I live up the road!

    As always, if anyone wants to meet up and jam let me know
  12. Anybody else going that wants to share a room? I live in the LA/OC area, I'm driving down there for the convention (my first one). The special convention rate is $129 a night and from the 12th to the 15th (3 nights) its around $400, split in half that's around $200 each, email if your interested...

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