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  1. Obviously we have our own SNC, but does anyone know where else they hold similar, regular contests? I've checked Ellusionist and The Magic Cafe, but they don't seem to hold contests with any regularity, or recently for that matter. Even Youtube channels or blog sites would be great, thank you.
  2. Ellusionist has 2 Contests
    One at E's forums
    The Second is Gold Wednesday On Facebook Every Month


    SNC Is the Best Contest
    Creative contests that gives equal chances to all members :D
  3. T11's prizes are some of the best out there. Hands down no one is as generous as T11 with prize support. These guys know how to do things right!
  4. Very true. This last contest there was more than I expected in the package. Very generous indeed.
  5. Definitely! I got the at least $100 worth of stuff from their contests! It's great and very generous.
  6. In YouTube there is MisMag822, who have contests every month, but in T11 there is contest every single week. and much better prizes than in YouTube or somewhere else.
  7. Prizes

    Hey justin what else was in your prize apart from regeneration?
  8. Isn't Mismag822 the guy that regularly puts out exposure videos?
  9. I think its normally just simple or old card tricks which he often posts tutorials for with permission. I've never really explored his videos. Its not like hes on there exposing all the latest commercial releases.
  10. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else. There was some hoopla recently on another forum I read about one of those popular YouTube channels exposing some currently commercial magic and I thought it was him.
  11. Your right. Mismag recently uploaded a tutorial for touch by Hanson Chien which he refuses to take down because its apparently a variation (looks pretty darn similar to me). He also has Untitled by Luke Dancy which he says is an improvement on the original. (because apparently, when you come up with an improvement to a trick you dont talk to the original creator about, no.. you tell the world for free!)

    Oh and dont quote me on this WyattSB, but from the tone i get in the replies from the few emails ive sent him over the last few weeks, i sincerely doubt he's ever got permission for anything.
  12. Okay that doesn't sound as good. What I was referring to, were the videos of tutorials he has made of tricks that other small time youtubers have made. So they get a shoutout from a popular channel, and he posts a tutorial of their trick. Like I said, I've never really watched too many of his videos.

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