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  1. Hey everybody! So I was talking to my English teacher recently about my writing and she was reviewing it and making some corrections. She found out that I did magic and thought it was very cool. Not only did she think it was cool but she asked for my help...

    She is a dance teacher and she is making a dance routine that deals with magicians. So her question to me was are there any kind of little tricks that you know that the dancers can do. I am not talking anything like a full scale illusion but just a kind of simple/easy trick. They would have to do the tricks during the dance so it probably would have to be a trick that isn't that big. It is probably an audience of like 300ish (its a dance recital).

    If anyone knows any suggestions about this I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Disappearing canes or perhaps a silk to cane would work. Also they would be pretty easy to learn/perform assuming that the dancers have no experience in magic...
  3. dlites might work. Whats the age range?
  4. Progressively making the dancers disappear could lead to a cool dance solo and a visual grand finale of your choice!!!
  5. definitely go with appearing and disappearing canes. those seem like they could be worked into an dance act easily.
  6. How about some very basic backpalming that can be taught here (yes, a youtube tutorial... :mad: but I am using it to your advantage so...).

    Maybe a small sponge ball vanish or so.

    Double lift, then show the card has changed?

    Hope this helps.

  7. Great idea, I'd go with this one. :)

    - Sean
  8. THis happened to me a while back, i ended up teaching the dancers how to do a dancing cane in there dance as well as gloves to flowers for an ending. Dancing cane goes very well with dance and its not to difficult. Worst part is lighting and a time limit for learning.

    Hope that help:)
  9. Thanks everyone for your help! I thought about the appearing canes and disappearing but I think I will need to talk to my teacher about how much they wanted to spend. Also keep in mind that I really want the tricks to be simple, almost stupid. A trick that basically everyone knows like this (sorry its a tutorial, I couldn't find any performances since it is almost too easy). They could apply something like that to a cane. I am looking for a trick that it just stereortypical magician (if that makes any sense).

    Thank you everyone and please keep on posting!
  10. There's a dancer from France named Salah who does dance/popping, and he's incorporated a few "magic" tricks into his routines beautifully ( battles...but still).

    The first isn't really a magic trick, per se, but it looks pretty neat. He pulls a Kleenex out of his pocket and proceeds to drop it, but (while doing dance moves) he keeps it in the air, then blows it up high into the air, and catches it--holds it in his hand so it's erect (the Kleenex...sickos), and then has it wilt on command. Looks very good for such a simple prop.

    The second is the appearing cane...I highly suggest looking for the video where he uses it (I would like to help you out, but I'm a bit pressed for time as I have to get back to studying for my exams). It's on Youtube. Very well done, my favourite of the "tricks" that he does (seeing as he incorporates it into his dance quite well).

    The third is the streamer from the mouth. Again, I suggest looking through Youtube for the video, as it's quite hilarious. He uses it as a "taunt" for his opponent (I'm sure you can imagine--what does a long streamer coming out of your mouth look like? Hint: Often accompanies seeing something gross, or drinking far too much). He used it very creatively.

    The first and last are very cheap props, but they played big, because he was able to incorporate them into his act quite well. That's what I'd suggest you do--find out as much about the act as possible, and see what you can include that would compliment the whole dance act. While finding gimmicky magic tricks to include would be neat, in the end it would seem just that--gimmicky (and not in the good way--rarely do people do a gimmicky act on purpose that's actually effective at being entertaining, from what I've seen, sadly).

    Just my two cents! :)
  11. I love the mouth streamers idea. That could be a great opening! Thank you everyone and please keep posting! :)
  12. Umm...

    This is kind of what I do.

  13. Do you have any ideas by any chance?
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