Magic Deck Review - CC Club Playing Cards by Conjuror Community

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  1. I received this deck in exchange for a fair and honest review

    What is it?

    It's a Premier Deck of Playing Cards
    It's Custom Configuration
    and it's a 4 Week LIVE Online Training Program !!! All wrapped up in one amazing kickstarter campaign !!!

    The CC Club Deck Project is specifically for passionate card magicians, collectors, sleight-of-hand experts, and Cardists—and everyone else who dreams of making miracles with cards.

    Built by experts Aaron Fisher, Adam Grace & Lee Asher to delight passionate and demanding card workers. The CC Club Deck features a rare Antique Back Design, 2 Unique Matching Jokers, an elegant Ace of Spades, and the famous Bicycle Blue Sealed tuck case!

    The CC CLUB DECK - Timeless Design, Casino Quality Crushed Bee Stock—printed on the USPCC Web Press for expert handling that shufflers, passers, and palmers demand!

    Back this project:
  2. This has to be one of the most successful playing card kickstarters ever!

    A goal of $5,000 that brought in $142,543.

    Just received my cards in the mail this weekend -- very nice.

    I'm looking forward to the online training!
  3. I wish I had backed for more than one deck. They feel absolutely perfect!
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  4. I had the same thought! Looking forward to the presentations.

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