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  1. Finally got around to collecting my thoughts on magic exposure. I was going to share it in the thread that was on here but the mods are a bit trigger happy on locking up threads lately. Anyways here is my thoughts on the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to magic exposure. Would love to hear your thoughts down below!
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  2. Performance won't make someone, like you, NOT want to know the method, but a good performance will make you not think about it in the moment. Joshua Jay's "What do audiences really think" shows this. A good percentage of people like to figure out the method when watching magic. A good performer should keep these people from guessing methods/heckling you while performing. I think what ChristopherT and other people who say they never get hecklers means is that their performance style makes it so people don't care about the method in the moment, and also want the magician to succeed, so they don't heckle. I don't think they mean that they can get people to NOT guess how it is done entirely.

    You're actually incorrect about something. NOT everyone thinks magic is just "hard work/theatre", smokes and mirrors. The same article shows that a LARGE percentage of people think magic may be possible. Same goes for mind reading and talking to the dead. I'm not saying I don't agree with perhaps a magic special that introduces the lay audience to beginner magic. What I'm trying to convey is that assuming the audience doesn't think magic is real, is detrimental to your scripting and performance. That limits your material to a kind of magic that I would only perform for friends and family. They know I'm not really magical. They know it's smoke and mirrors because they know me...but when I perform for strangers I'm allowed to flirt with people's uncertainty of if magic is real or not, because I don't assume that they think what I do is just hard work and theatre.

    I also don't think the Mods were wrong for locking the other thread. It was really pointless. A lot of your points for and against exposure seemed to be the consensus in the other thread, but one individual was trolling, so it got locked.
  3. You misunderstood what I was saying there. If you watch it again, you will see that I was referring to an example of exposure of someone like a Penn & Teller type figure that says "Okay magic is basically hardwork and theater. We all got that. Now what is the next step?" That's essentially what I was getting at. I know very well there are people that believe in magic, psychic abilities, spiritualism, and the like. But that is not at all the argument that I was making. I was simply trying to refer to a hypothetical example of what I would consider good exposure for growing a new generation magicians.
    Not so much. Eduard Todor and I are the only ones that really seem to think about the big picture of specifically what the ramifications of the prankster and magician videos could lead to. As I mention at the end of the video, people may want to recreate that type of humor in the real world and feel justified in grabbing a magician's props in order to make a joke out of them and steal the show from them just like the videos. Imagine how dangerous that could be with something such as sword swallowing. No one really mentioned that in the previous thread. It was just a bunch of butting heads and arguing over semantics.
  4. Thanks for sharing Tyler. I'm going to lock this thread because we have just beat this topic to death in the other thread. We can let people cool down and revisit the topic after a while.

    In the meantime, feel free to take this discussion to the YouTube comments of the video.

    Thanks for your understanding in this.
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