Magic for blind people?

Sep 12, 2007
Normandy, FRANCE
Hi !

that's a question that has been inside my head for quite a while now, and I wanted you guys to give me your opinion. Is it possible to create a magical experience for blind people ? It seems to me that every trick I perform is based on something visual, or at least implies the spectator (spectare = "to watch" in latin !) to see smth...

So what do you think ?
Sep 1, 2007
Hong Kong
there is a very touching effect described in an article of online-visions a few years ago. I don't know if it is still there, but you can check it out.

also, check out all effects that either can be done through the radio, or something that involves the taste or feel of an object.

These information is nothing concrete, I just hope to bring you somewhere closer.
Aug 31, 2007
Can you imagine performing Out of This World for a blind person? He won't know what's going on, but everyone will be astounded.

On topic, there is a trick called I Dream of Mindreading by John Lovick. It's actually a card trick with the presentation based on performing for a blind person, but I love the ending. Do check it out.

- harapan. magic!
Sep 1, 2007
I feel it is definitely possible to perform magic/mentalism for someone who is blind, and to create a magical experience for them.

I feel it is possible to make anyone feel this... no matter the disability.
Don't see there disability as a problem, more as a challenge for yourself to be able to give them that feeling of magic in spite of there problems.
I say challenge... but I mean as in don't let it stop you from bringing them that same feeling of wonder as you bring to others.

Performing for a blind person would obviously mean that visual effects will fly over there head... but they still have there sense of touch and smell, aswell as hearing.
Also there mind is still there own...
Adapt, be creative...
Some form of mentalism would be ideal, such as psychological forces of varying types. Though they can't see, how about you take advantage of there sense of touch, you could make effects specifically for someone who is blind, with bumps and grooves on cards that they can feel so they know whats on it etc... or a book test with one of there special bumpy book things.
Maybe do a reading of some type, such as a palm reading or gem stone reading. How about instead of reading there mind etc, you lead them on a journey... one where they get to experience certain feelings such as happiness etc, you could then anchor there feelings etc and use various methods of hypnosis type things to enchance there experience.
They may not become astonished etc, but they'll experience something, and you'll be experiencing it along with them... it'll be something they'll remember for sure.
You could allow them to feel like they have a special sense etc, like threm become the mindreader... things like them revealing something that another spec is thinking or doing, or you yourself... as long as it's fun and entertaining for them at that moment in time... well that's what matters.

Anyway ive blabbed on long enough lol.

I have performed a headline prediction over the radio, and that is one effect that anyone can enjoy. Basically, everyone is blind, they are not seeing the magic, but they are still experiencing the amazement and wonder that they would if there was a magician with a deck of cards in front of them.



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Sep 4, 2007
Tampa Bay, FL
Morgan Strebler created a trick for (I believe) his brother in law, who was blind. Take a sip of water and it changes into mouthwash (or something) in the volunteer's mouth. Pretty neat trick and pretty cool for Morgan. I forget the name of the trick though sorry
Morgan Strebler created a trick for (I believe) his brother in law, who was blind. Take a sip of water and it changes into mouthwash (or something) in the volunteer's mouth. Pretty neat trick and pretty cool for Morgan. I forget the name of the trick though sorry
The effect is called "Taste Conditions" and can be found here.

It's a pretty cool effect, I've performed it a couple of times and got wonderful reactions.

Sep 1, 2007
ide say some mentalsim, do some things with their mind, number stuff, or do somehting with touch, not sure what to do with that one tho, maybe do a raven or somehting, so they can feel whats going on.

Lol... wouldn't need a raven... just pick it up ;)


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Sep 2, 2007
Orlando, FL
I'm surprised that nobody mentioned spongeballs. I think that spongeballs would be perfect for doing magic for blind people because it happens in their hands and they can physically feel the magic happen in their hands so that they wouldn't have to see it.

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Sep 1, 2007
Denver, Colorado
Oh crap, all I can think of is Jeff Dunham's (irreverant) joke on this matter.
"The elephant disappeared. It just frickin' disappeared. you should see this guy! ...Oh wait, thats right..."
Aug 31, 2007
well theyll prolly feel it, i mean theyll feel the coin there, then theyll feel your hand picking up the coin lol, i think you would need the raven

I still don't understand, it doesn't make any sense.
I'm putting a quarter on your hand, did you feel that, it disappeared!
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