Magic for Humans uses camera tricks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh Burch, Dec 11, 2019.

  1. I have seen this claim in a few places and I want to ask, is it a commonly held belief that Magic for Human's with Justin Willman uses stooges and camera tricks?

    I really don't think he does use camera tricks or stooges. I've heard some people claim that he uses CGI as well. I really don't see any reason to believe this.

    I think the first time I saw someone claim this was about the trick where he produces his wife from a backpack. I watched the trick and instantly recognized a piece of stage magic that has been used for many years, but when I went on IMDB I found someone who used this as evidence that he was using CGI. At the very least, that trick can be performed live exactly as it was performed by Justin.

    I see evidence of deceptive editing (which you might call camera tricks) here and there (the top change was performed off-camera, they didn't show the pre-show etc.) but I really don't think he's using CGI or stooges.

    Which side are you on?
  2. Agreed. Although what we see isn't the same as what the spectators experienced, most everything I've seen on that show can be replicated without stooges or CGI. If you liken it to a stage performance, on stage you can only see what happens once the audience member comes up on stage and only what is visible from a front view.
  3. No, Justin Willman does use stooges and camera tricks.

    What episode it this on?

    Justin does use stooges, but not CGI.

    I'm on the "Camera Tricks are not Magic" side.
  4. More and more these days I am less upset about clever editing or even use of visually enhanced effects. Stooges don't really bother me that much either. It all depends on the end result. If the effect can be achieved in a powerful manner that leaves the audience feeling a sense of wonder and amazement then I have no issue with it tbh. As long as people are entertained then I don't mind it. Only caveat of course is that the magic is performed in an ethical manner. Im still against videos that expose magic secrets because in many cases those secrets are someones intellectual property and we take food out of their families mouths exposing them.
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  5. If you are fooled by a trick using a stooge, then the magic wasn't for the stooge. It was for you. To that end, it was successful.
  6. Examples for stooges?

    The only thing that comes close is where something is named and then produced. When you are only showing a portion of the full interaction and you have multiple takes with multiple people, you don't need a stooge. The semi-surprised reaction of the spectators tends to go to the explanation of the television view only seeing part of the whole. Dual reality and pre-show don't equate to stooges.

    What do you define as camera tricks?

    I agree that the angles shown and the editing that occurs conceal secrets. You will have to convince me with examples that something more sinister is going on.
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  7. The only thing that comes close?

    There are tons of examples, but since
    exposure is against the rules I'll point out only one.

    I'm thinking you've been watching to be entertained.

    Josh asked if Justin uses Camera Tricks, which he does. I'm not going to argue the semantics with you.
  8. All nuance is out the window now....
  9. That's pretty hard to believe but I have some thoughts.

    He tells us all that he hired the audience at the beginning, the guy sitting in the chair could easily have been hired as well. He practically told us as much.

    So, if everyone is apaid actor from Craigslist we have more flexibility with the possible methods for the vanish. I can imagine a workable version of the Dekolta chair that could pull this off given the above circumstances.

    That said, I don't that's what we are watching. Or, if we are watching a version of the Dekolta chair it's like that some things were touched up. I'm open to the possibility of a new method being out there that I'm not aware of.

    If I take a small detour, I once had a conversation about this with Kyle Marlett. Kyle has consulted with Justin Flom, Criss Angel, Cyril Takayama, and Justin Willman. I asked him about some of the stuff he has helped with, and he brought up an interesting perspective. He said something along the lines of, "Camera tricks are done as long as there's a way to do the same effect live." I really disagree with this thinking, but it may be what we are seeing.

    They may have reasoned that because they could pull this off with a Decolta chair on stage, that moving it to a park isn't a blunder.

    Like I said, I disagree. I don't think cameras tricks are magic. I don't think Zach King is a magician but there are many who disagree with me on that as well.
  10. Nobody argues that he wasn't using stooges in this specific "trick" where he publicly shows the camera the setup which includes around 30 people in on the secret. It is much more of a prank than a magic trick - dozens of people in on it, the main audience as well, and one or two targets. The "stooges" aren't selling anything to the audience, just to the target. So, if you are being super literal, yes. Justin uses stooges.

    If I read Josh correctly, however, this sort of example isn't what he was referring to. Correct me if I am wrong, @Josh Burch . I don't recall seeing any instances where a stooge was used to sell a trick to the actual audience. Admittedly, I also haven't watched it recently.

    // L
  11. Is that really a camera trick?

    I'd label editing which accomplishes the entire effect or the majority of it as an effect done with camera tricks.

    Changing angles and trimming shots, well, they are essential to a magic performance video, aren't they? Because on-camera you don't have the ability to misdirect viewers, hence something must make up for that.
  12. Hold on...what is meant by ''sinister''? :eek::eek::eek:

    Which part of Magician Underworld did I miss...TELL ME ALL OF IT!
  13. The guys who disappeared were actors, not stooges. They weren't in on it.

    Why else watch magic?

    Like what happened to the guy in the video who disappeared and didn't reappear. :cool:
  14. My thoughts exactly... is like everyone was hating Cris Angel for his TV special... in the end, his job was to perform magic for the viewers not the people in the videos... and he was very succesfull doing it!!

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