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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JohnHorus, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Hey guys I have been invited to do magic for my schools fridayshow. the fridayshow is played through class televisions throughout all classrooms on I need some effects that may be performed through tv you know something very visual. Since i own the trilogy and panic i was thinking of opening with panic then hofzzy osborn and close with twinsplit remix. any advise would be greatly appriceated thanks - John
  2. So long as they flow and seem to be related. Maybe do some of the false-cut flourishes with the kings on top, then show that you have "found" the kings and do Panic, then do twinsplit (with a king and a queen and an ace), and then maybe some flourishes, and then hoffzzy osbourne.
  3. Do hand to mouth, that arm trick Copperfield did. Hot shot cut. But first, you do crazy false cuts THEN do hot shot cut. But make sure the selection is on Bottom.:)
  4. There will be filler between effects so they dont have to be routined i guess. usually the filler isschool-related
  5. if u no any david stone stuff or stuff with flashh paper thats good
  6. commercial (the trick that david blaine does where he asks you to see a card and then he does a snap change

    that would be a great effect for tv
  7. I second Commercial. :p

    Take advantage of the fact that you're on TV and they can't inspect or hassle you. That trick always had me back then. If you can think of any other tricks where you can take advantage of being on TV, then use them. Try the ones that involve the audience. You know, the ones that have pictures on screen, kinda like what David Copperfield did once. Or "monk magic" as Chris Korn (not sure about the spelling of his name), the trick that involves eating candy and counting. If you know how to do those, maybe you could try them.
  8. Id really like to do commercial but isnt it kind of similar to hofzzy osborn? you know see a card in the deck?hofzzy or commercial which gets beter reactions?
  9. commercial.
    in my opinion hoffzy osbourne is too long for tv, half of the kids in your school will forget the card in the middle of the trick.
    commercial is quick and to the point, as well as visual, and kids in school like that.
  10. Maybe you could do some sort of interactive trick through the TV?
  11. Commercial would be awesome! This would also be the perfect time to perform TNR if you own it. Prophet would be fun too. Panic is also a VERY cool effect you can do. Good luck and have fun! See if you can get someone to record it. I would love to see it up on the media section.:)

  12. cool, I'm actually once was in your situation. Currently I'm a founder of Tricky Devil (magician Club) in my school, the school invited I and my crew perform a stage magic in Friday cafe somewhat like you and these are the trick I've perform.

    UFO (floating card trick)
    seal and restored (empty soda can restored w/ soda in it)
    and if you want you can do sinful combine w/ seal and restored soda can.
    some self levitation if you know any.

    even though panic for the opening is pretty good.

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