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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by greg, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Here are some pictures of my girlfriend she is a magician as well my question is do any of you guys have a magic girl???

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  2. does she do magic or is she a full fledged magician? I perform nightly at a casino and I don't call myself a magician. On the topic, my fiance does magic.. she's no where near a magician though.
  3. shes a magician..funny thing she haves 8 years practising magic me only 3
  4. I have a magic guy... Does that count? :p

    He's quite good at Guy Hollingworth's 'Waving the Aces'.

    - Sean
  5. Since im the only magician in my country, nope, i dont have a magician girl, but i do have "magic" girl lol.
    Why dont you post some videos of her doing magic, i never saw a girl performe magic.
  6. hey watch katie egleston and angela funovitz videos =)
  8. I just saw her, man I would love for her to be my magic girl lol
  9. I don't even have a girlfriend.

    Knowing my luck, if I did she would probably get damn annoyed at me; for playing with my cards more than with her.. :)

  10. No kidding.

    I am in the same situation though. =(
  11. my girlfreind does coins thou i want her to do cards
  12. No girlfriend atm, having a bit of girl trouble lol, never had one that did magic though.....really i dont know anyone else in my school that does magic, or around where i live, maybe if i took a hour and a half drive i could find someone else that does magic at a magic shop. Anyway back on subject :D, i havent ever met any girl that does magic, ive only seen them via the internet.
  13. Me and you both, brother...
  14. I don't have a girlfriend either ='(
  15. My girlfriend can do five faces of sybil, the werm, molecule 3, shapeshifter, perfect production and cardini production. Watch out, she's coming to counquer the magic world! :D
  16. my girl doesn't do magic, tho i kind of wish she did. since she doesn't however, i have to tell het im studying when i want to practice. she just doesn't get it.

    but i so could have a magic girl, and that may be coming in the future.
  17. I wouldn't want a girlfriend that does magic....

    Personally, I like to keep that part of my life separate from the rest. Sure, people know I do magic, but I don't perform at school, the track, home, mall, etc.

    There's a time and place for magic, and a time and place to drop it and have fun. :)
  18. I'm OK. :p
  19. Sigh. I most certainly don't have a magic girlfriend, let alone a girlfriend at all.
  20. My girlfriend uses misdirection to make my money disappear but I don't think that really counts as magic.

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