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  1. Hey there fellow magicians

    well i need some advice, my parents and i are going over to see my aunt and uncle in Nepal. While we're over there we'll be going to an orphanage and seeing lots of kids etc.

    My aunt said that i should do some magic, but i've encountered a problem, most likely none of the kids will speak english or very little english

    so i need some tricks or routines where very little needs to be said and are very visual. I'd like something where they can be involved, or there's a souvenir that they can have or something. Not sure just writing down things as i think them

    Coin magic, card magic, whatever, your thoughts are all welcome
  2. cut your scripts down to include only the bare bones necessity for spoken patter. get someone there to translate.
  3. I think cyril went to thailand or some other country and did beautiful magic for those people, even though he did not know their language. Search for it on youtube.
  4. Colour changes, coin vanish, copper/silver, any vanishes or transpos will work, rope tricks any torn and restored routines : money, card, newspaper. Card to mouth, haunted pack basically the list is endless. Just see what you already do and see if it works without patter. Just keep it visual. I've had to perform for foreign students before when I was in school and just keep in mind you don't have verbal misdirection.
  5. thanks guys
    i'm thinking T&Rs, things with coins and i'll look into rope stuff.
    i'll just need to convert my card tricks
    thanks again

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