Magic - It Hurts?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aaron08, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. i was jw if or what type of injurys u guys haved had performing practicing etc. me i have infected my eye doing thread and burnt my hand doin frozin
  2. Please no internet slang, Thank You.
    Just Playin' but for real I can't even read that.

  3. sorry im on my playstation 3 and its hard to type and my hand is burnt lol
  4. I've burned my mouth before eating fire. I've had minor abrasions from sticking my hand in animal traps. And the usual discomfort associated with swallowing swords and prepping belly ribbons.

    Fortunatly I have never been injured badly or beyond my expectations during the practice or performance of my effects.
  5. my hands are cut while playing with my new deck...
  6. Minor burns while prcaticing a fire plate production. I spilt a bit of the fluid on my hand, and didn't notice that I hadn't gotten i all off.
  7. I did a coin through glass and the galss broke and cut my hand. It wasn't too bad but it hurt and I had to be a one handed magician for a couple weeks.
  8. great stuff guys guess we all suffer for our art
  9. oh wow. now that's what you call a real coin through glass. lol
  10. I'm sorry, but that is one of the biggest oxymorons I've ever heard of, haha. Sorry about your hand, heal fast.

  11. Was doing Zap and it failed so the guy did the same thing but he was bigger.

    Being honest the worst thing was probably with Liquid Metal and one of the forks I had bought was deformed and it had a small piece of metal sticking out you could barely see. Well when I did the move for corkscrew it cut open the meaty part below my thumb, so about a three inch long incision. It hurt pretty bad and it bled but it's all good now.
  12. Flash paper getting stuck to my hand is a common enemy....

    Also somehow screwing up SAW and then cleaning it with alcohol... you could say it stung.

    Usual hand pains from sleights and small cuts from decks, nothing major.

    However, some injuries I have heard of include,

    Copperfield's stage hand and the big fan
    Multiple magicians dying from both the bullet catch and buried alive
    People suffering injuries from botched russian roulette routines
    The infamous tiger attack

    Really the injuries than can be sustained from magic, or any performing art for that matter, are innumerable. But if everyone was willing to take the bumps and bruises we wouldn't have an art form, would we?

  13. After a while you'll lose all feeling in your hand, just wait.
  14. no i dont guess we would,o well be proud bout ur injurys from magic lol
  15. hahaha love it
  16. Guess you made the wrong thing disappear.

  17. Well I find when trying human blockhead that it starts stinging at a certain point in my nose...

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