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  1. I'm looking to expand my magic library. What books do you guys have? I have Expert at the Card Table and Modern Coin Magic.
  2. Last count was somewhere north of 200 so I'll skip listing the titles.

    What are you looking to learn?
  3. Goals.
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  4. Just takes money and the patience to find them.
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  5. @DominusDolorum This question is off topic. Judging by your profile pic, are you by any chance a Death Note fan?
  6. My best book is "Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic"... I found a copy on ebay that was lightly used!

    I know many other posts are on here giving lists of books that people have posted. Do a 'search' for magic books....I think you will find lots of lists....

    Good luck
  7. I am! I sort of appropriated this into my identity for several reasons:
    1. I love Death Note (See link for my reaction to the Netflix adaptation:
    2. When my partner and I met we bonded over Death Note.
    3. One day we exchanged gifts and we gave each other the same thing; an L pendant. I wore this every day for 6 years until the clasp broke and lost it in the snow. I am still heartbroken over this.
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  8. That is so cool!!! Death Note is my favorite anime and I completely agree with your reaction of the Netflix adaptation lol. I also bonded with a friend over Death Note and he helped me film some street magic. Just this last Christmas one of my other friends gave me the complete series on bluray. Sorry to hear about the pendant, I can't imagine how cool that would look to see in person. Nice to see another fan of the series.
  9. 13 Steps to Mentalism - Tony Corinda
    52 Memories - Retrospective Edition - Book by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker
    A Book in English - Woody Aragon
    Ambitious Card Omnibus - Daryl
    Apocalypse Volume 1 - Harry Lorraine
    Apocalypse Volume 2 - Harry Lorraine
    Apocalypse Volume 3 - Harry Loraine
    Approaching Magic by David Regal
    Arcade Dreams - Rachembauer
    Aretology of Vanni Bossi - Stephen Minch
    Art and Artifice - Jim Steinmeyer
    Art of Astonishment 1 - Paul Harris
    Art of Astonishment 2 - Paul Harris
    Art of Astonishment 3 - Paul Harris
    Art of Switching Decks - Roberto Giobbi
    Artificial Conclusions - Jim Steinmeyer
    Best of All Worlds
    Best of Slydini Volume 1 - Karl Fulves
    Best of Slydini Volume 2 - Karl Fulves
    Bloomberg Laboratories - Andi Glad-win
    Books of Wonder Volume 1 - Tommy Wonder
    Books of Wonder Volume 2 - Tommy Wonder
    Bullet Party - John Bannon
    Card College Light -Roberto Giobbi
    Card College Lighter - Roberto Giobbi
    Card College Lightest - Roberto Giobbi
    Card College Volume 1 - Roberto Giobbi
    Card College Volume 2 - Roberto Giobbi
    Card College Volume 3 - Roberto Giobbi
    Card College Volume 4 - Roberto Giobbi
    Card College Volume 5 - Roberto Gibbon
    Card Control - Arthur Buckley
    Card Magic of Nick Troast
    Card Trick Semi Automatic - Dani DaOrtiz
    Cardially Yours - Marlo
    Cardshark - Darwin Ortiz
    Carneycopia - John Carney
    Close-up And Personal - David Regal
    Collected Almanac - Richard Kauffman
    Complete Walton - Volume 1
    Complete Walton - Volume 2
    Complete Walton - Volume 3
    Confidences - Roberto Giobbi
    Conjuring - Jim Steinmeyer
    Constant Fooling 1 - David Regal
    Constant Fooling 2 - David Regal
    Count, Cuts and Subtleties - Jerry Menzler
    Dear Mr. Fantasy - John Bannon
    Designing Miracles - Darwin Ortiz
    DeSouza’s Deceptions - Marc DeSouza
    Destination Zero - John Bannon
    Destroyers - Troy Hooser
    Device and Illusion - Jim Steinmeyer
    Discoveries & Deceptions - John Guastaferro
    Drawing Room Deceptions - Guy Hollingsworth
    Encyclopedia of Card Tricks - Jean Hugged
    Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic - Frank Garcia
    Experience of Magic - Eugune Burger
    Expert at the Card Table - S.W. Redness
    Expert Card Technique - Hugard and Braue
    Expert Coin Magic - David Roth
    Five Points in Magic - Juan Tamariz
    Five.Impossible.Things. - John Bannon
    Full Bloom 1 - Gaeten Bloom
    Full Bloom 2 - Gaeten Bloom
    Further Impuzzabilities - Jim Steinmeyer
    Gift Magic - Larry Haas
    Greater Magic (Kauffman Edition) - John Northern Hilliard
    Handsome Jack - John Lovick
    Hidden in Plain Sight - Kirk Charles
    High Calliber - John Bannon
    High Spots - Caleb Wiles
    Hofzinser - Volume 1 - Magic Christian
    Hofzinser - Volume 2 - Magic Christian
    Hugard’s Magic Manual - Jean Hugard
    Impossibilia - John Bannon
    Impostress Princess - Peter Tappan
    Impromptu by Marin Gardner
    Impuzzabilities - Jim Steinmeyer
    Jennings 67 - Larry Jennings
    Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women - Ricky Jay
    Legendary Hierophant
    Lessons in Card Mastery - Darwin Ortiz
    Life, Death and Other Card Tricks - Robert E. Neale
    Lost Notebooks of John Hilliard
    Maelstrom - Tom Stone
    Magic and Meaning Expanded - Eugene Burger / Robert Neale
    Magic and Showmanship - Dariel Fitzke
    Magic by Misdirection - Dariel Fitzke
    Magic from the Soul - Rene Lavand
    Magic Kettle - Jeffery Atkins
    Magic Matters - Robert Neale
    Magic Mirror (The) - Robert Neale / David Parr
    Magic of Alan Wakening - Jim Steinmeyer
    Magic of Ascanio Volume 1 - Structural Conception of Magic - Arturo Ascanio
    Magic of Ascanio Volume 2 - Studies of Card Magic - Arturo Ascanio
    Magic of Ascanio Volume 3 - More Studies of Card Magic - by Arturo de Ascanio
    Magic of LePaul - Paul LePaul
    Magic Way - Juan Tamaritz
    Magical Mathematics - Persi Diaconis
    Magical World of Slydini (two volume set) - Karl Fulves
    Mark Wilson’s Complete Course
    Mastering the Art of Magic - Eugene Burger
    Maximum Entertainment - Ken Webber
    Megawave - John Bannon
    Mentalissimo - John Bannon
    Mind, Myth and Magik - T.A. Waters
    Mnemonica - Juan Tamara
    Modern Art - Jim Steinmeyer
    Modern Coin Magic - Bobo (Paperback)
    Moments - Troy Hooser
    More Power to You - David Acer
    Mysteries of My Life - Rene Lavand
    New Look at the Okito Box - Lewis Ganson
    New Modern Coin Magic - Bobo (Hardcover)
    Newsletter Tricks - Mathieu Rich
    One Degree - John Gustaferro
    Paper Engine - Aaron Fisher
    Paramiracles - Ted Leslie
    Paths to Enchantment - Malcom Jaffe
    Performance Of Close-Up Magic - Eugene Burger
    Practical Mental Magic - Theodore Annemann
    Prism - Max Maven
    Professional Magic for Children - David Ginn
    Psychological Subtleties 1 - Banachek
    Psychological Subtleties 2 - Banachek
    Psychological Subtleties 3 - Banachek
    Pure Effect - Darren Brown
    Random Acts of Magic - David Acer
    Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings - Peter Biro
    Relaxed Impossibilities - Ken Krenzel
    Roy Benson by Starlight - Todd Karr and Levent
    Royal Road to Card Magic - Hugard and Brace
    Scarne on Card Tricks - John Scarne
    Scarne on Card Tricks (New Copy) - John Scarne
    Scarne’s Magic Tricks - John Scarne
    Scripting Magic - Peter McCabe
    Secret Agenda - Roberto Giobbi
    Secret History of Magic - Peter Lamont / Jim Steinmeyer
    Secret Ways of Al Baker - Todd Kar
    Secrets of Brother John Hamman - Richard Kaufman
    Secrets of So Sato -Richard Kaufman and So Sato
    Self Working Handkerchief Magic - Karl Fulves
    Self Working Mental Magic - Karl Fulves
    Self Working Rope Magic - Karl Fulves
    Seriously Silly - David Kaye
    Show Doctor - Jeff McBride
    Sinful - A Graphic Novel - Wayne Houchin
    Smoke and Mirrors - John Bannon
    Stars of Magic
    Strong Magic - Darwin Ortiz
    Subsequent Impuzzabilities - Jim Steinmeyer
    Tangled Web - Eric Mead
    Tarbell Course Volume 1
    Tarbell Course Volume 2
    Tarbell Course Volume 3
    Tarbell Course Volume 4
    Tarbell Course Volume 5
    Tarbell Course Volume 6
    Tarbell Course Volume 7
    Tarbell Course Volume 8
    Technique and Understanding - Jim Steinmeyer
    The Conference Illusions - Mike Caveney
    This is Not a Book - Robert Neale
    Totally Out of Control - Chris Kenner
    Transformations - Creating Magic out of Tricks - Larry Haas
    Trick Brain - Dariel Fitzke
    Verbal Magic - Juan Tamara
    Vortex - Tom Stone
    WD-40 - Wayne Dobson
    Wildcard Miracles - Frank Garcia
    Wonders - Mike Caveney
  10. I don’t that’s enough books/information
    That’s a vary little collection
    Keep trying buddy:)
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  11. There's no such thing as "enough".
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  12. It was just a joke @ChristopherT
  13. Rule #1 about Book Club, you never joke about Book Club.
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  14. Man I just messed up bad
    Sorry about that
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  15. I lose count, I have over 100 books at home, and 3 times more in storage, my bad.
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  16. I've been in magic for over 24 years so the book collection is at 532 books and growing.
    To anyone new to magic books just start with the Tarbell course get all the classics so you build a strong foundation, then with your new knowledge start buying what interests you. Maybe your a card guy, a coin guy or a mentalist ect....
    Never stop reading it truly helps build you into a creative magician as you have you visualize in your head what your reading. Your interpretation will be different from other magicians and will set you apart from the crowd.
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