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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GambitIce, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Hi Theory11! I was wondering how many of you post clips of your magic on youtube. If you do, could you please post the link to your channel so that I and hopefully others can subscribe to you. I think it would be great to form some kind of youtube community of magicians who can learn from each other and provide constructive criticism.

    I recently started uploading some magic videos on my channel. If you could check them out and subscribe if you like them I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. GambitIce,

    I very much liked your matrix. You did a great job on your slights and the sound of the pop of the cards was also a bonus, very well done.

    For your performance you might want to have everything sink in a little more. The first coin travel was nice, but after that with the third and fourth coins you were going very fast and your arms were in the way and it was hard to keep up.

    Other than that great job.
  3. I thought the number one rule of close up magic was never to repeat a trick twice.
  4. More videos coming and more performances. Right now, there is a lot of different videos like lectures and other kinda stuff... Here it is
  5. ENJOY and tell me what you think.

  6. Great idea man. :)

    mine is:
  7. GambitIce - On your coin matrix...

    Dude, you fumbled on your triple cut, and the ace production was too slow to be effective. You could see the individual cards slowly being slid out, which really defeats the purpose of a flourishing ace production.

    First phase: You're not confident enough in your handling. It just looks like hesitation, and there's no smoothness. On the plus side, there's no flashing, but it's a long way from being smooth. It just looks like you're having trouble putting a single card down, there are multiple hesitations just before you pick cards up, and it looks like you're performing sleights when you're not.

    Second phase: The second half of this was a lot better, but the first half wasn't. You have so many different rhythms during your effect, rather than maintaining a sensible one, it just changes when you're performing sleights, and sometimes when you're not. You don't have the feel for this effect, although the choreo is all in the right place.
  8. right back at ya buddy! ur videos r the shizzle

    is that word still used these days? "shizzle" ??
    I Lost touch with the "cool" kids lol

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