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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ElliottTerral, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Hey guy, I just created a new profile on YouTube just for videos of my magic. Because the account is brand new, I don't have many videos up yet, but I will be adding more soon.
    I wanted to put this out here into the magic community because I would really like anyone's comments or criticisms about how I could better my performances. I would really appreciate any help that you could give me.
    Also, I am from Louisiana, so I do have an accent; please forgive me.
    Here's the url for my page:

    Again, thanks so much for any help.

    -James Elliott Terral
  2. I'm not a coin worker but I do enjoy watching other magicians perform coins. I think you did an excellent job! Nice work.
  3. Thank you very much.
  4. Dont say that man. You have accent, and what ? Theres no problem with that. Dont apologise for those things
  5. Thanks Spanker, but that was mostly a joke.

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